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Renewable energy

Renewable energy

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Are you looking for a tip on what concerns the world of energy renewable? you're in the right section. Let's see generally what can lead to useful for the construction of a plant photovoltaic. all part of the matrix of renewable energy: the photovoltaic panels, also called solar. Here you will find the two main types of panels available on the market provided by the Peimar, i.e. monocrystalline and polycrystalline. The first are characterized by the color blue dark ( almost black ) and are formed from a single block of silicon found in nature, while polycrystalline are blue, iridescent and are formed by multiple cuts assembled silicon, and then qualitatively less pure.In addition to the panels, we need solar cables, with specific characteristics different from the common wires,which allow it to withstand sudden changes of temperatures, considerable shielding is very high, which assures them against the weather or against the high irradiation. At this point enter the scene the inverter: without it, the solar panels could not transform the solar energy into current. Here you will find the inverter ( to choose from depending on the power you want to use ) of the line , Fronius, and Aros. If you have a photovoltaic system knows that they have the ability to produce a greater amount of electric energy of the request, and then can store it by connecting the plant to the batteries, thus being able to take advantage of solar energy even during the evening. In this section you will find the energy accumulators Elisy. Another article of fundamental importance in this kind of plants are the arresters and disconnectors, which you will find them in the Abb, Finder, Lovato,Obo, Weidmuller, Phoenix, Districts, Cabur. The arresters and disconnectors are necessary to protect the panels from any power surges. To facilitate the installation here you will find the String Box of the Cabur and Lucasystem, which appear as a square pre-wired for easy installation of a photovoltaic system.Last and not least, we have in this section of the Kit structures and accessories provided by Fischer for the mounting of all that concerns this kind of plant.