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Who Are We?

Elettronew is the largest online retailer of electrical equipment in Italy. This leadership is now a reality thanks to several factors and services offered to customers, which make the project an excellence:

1 The range of items: Elettronew has a list of over 20,000 different items available for its customers online, ready for delivery within 24 hours in all areas of Italy. The variety of the product range offers a wide choice both in terms of type of articles (electrical equipment, air conditioning, lighting, security, heating and plumbing) and in terms of manufacturing companies (Bticino, Urmet, Vimar, Gewiss, Comelit etc...).

2 Service performance: Thanks to continuous comparisons, optimizations and updates, Elettronew is able to offer a more than successful service to its customers starting from the navigation on the site, up to the receipt of their order. This is highlighted by the important number (over 9,000) of reviews verified on external platform, of which over 98% were positive.

3 Customer service: Despite the increase in numbers, Elettronew always takes special care of every single customer. Elettronew's customer service operates through the following channels:

- Mail

- Phone

- LiveChat

- Whatsapp

4 Our team: Behind every great number and every great goal there is always the work of men who put their professionalism at the service of the project. The team, which is constantly growing, is young, close-knit and highly specialised: attitudes necessary to grow well and quickly.

5 Online sales without frontiers: Elettronew after the first years of sales exclusively in Italy, has expanded its borders, opening the sale of its products all over Europe. The next goal is to embrace the non-European market as well.Thanks to our experience, we have a concrete support with our customer service by phone, chat and email, able to provide any technical information on the products, as well as the assistance for the management of orders on-line, and the navigation of the site.

When it comes to Elettronew?

Elettronew was founded on 24th January 2005 as the first seller of electrical system items on the Ebay platform. The numbers achieved since the first year, have led the company to the development of a own website, to allow all users to purchase products on Elettronew.

The opening to more potential customers, brings in 2007 a great increase in business, with the consequent purchase of a new server with better performance in terms of speed and availability: the new domain was born. 

Our numbers

The constant growth over the years has led Elettronew to express gratifying numbers, here are some of them:

- 200,000 users who have made purchases in our store.

- 22,000 certified customer reviews.

- 20,000 products available and ready for delivery.

- 500,000 items in stock.

- 5 website languages.

- 54 countries where you can buy on Elettronew.

Our Team

Empathy, engagement and interaction between different specialized professionals are the basis of Elettronew's success. During the years of activity the company has lavished its energies searching professional figures that can make every customer-company contact satisfactory.

Special attention, for example, converges towards orders that are processed immediately at every stage: from packaging to the monitoring of the entire delivery cycle.

Behind the success of Elettronew stands the work of a team of men committed on a daily basis and exclusively to the development of the company, a young but at the same time skilled team. Orders are processed immediately with a high level of attention to all subsequent stages of the process, aimed at achieving a high standard of care that has always been appreciated by our customers.

Finally, after the items have been carefully selected and packed, we carefully follow up the entire delivery cycle. This passion profused in our work has allowed us to collect a huge number of positive reviews certified and guaranteed by an external and independent company. All this represents a further incentive to increase our performance and consequently the degree of satisfaction of our loyal customers.