Abb Ekip Up Protect+ Digital Unit with IPS and Accessories 1SDA107690R1

ABB 1SDA107690R1 8056221028462

Abb Ekip Up Protect+ Digital Unit for measurement, protection and control of low-voltage electrical systems.

Ekip UP Protect and Protect+ put protection functions side by side with monitoring and connectivity functions.

Commissioning accessories:

  • 1 piece Switching Power Supply Abb CP-E 24/2.5 60W 1 Phase 24DC (code ET 699 7)
  • 2 pieces IME BTV10 TV 400/100V 10VA/CL.0.5 single-phase voltage transformer (code TVVCC400C100)
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Abb Ekip Up Protect+ Digital Unit with IPS and Accessories 1SDA107690R1

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Abb Ekip Up Protect+ Digital Unit with IPS and Accessories 1SDA107690R1

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Abb Ekip Up Protect+ Digital Unit with IPS and Accessories 1SDA107690R1


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Ekip UP is a multifunction unit intended to meet the needs of power distribution and automation applications in terms of monitoring, protection, control, and ease of use, offering the flexibility and modularity of plug-and-play systems.

Ekip UP Prot ect performs a protection function based on current, voltage, frequency, and power, like a simple line protection relay. Ekip UP Protect+ additionally offers generator protection functions, adaptive and directional maximum current protections for power distribution networks. With Ekip Protect+ it is possible to achieve digital selectivity with proprietary bus, as well as to distinguish restricted/unrestricted ground fault. Ekip UP Protect and Ekip UP Protect+ units can be equipped with ABB's all-in-one platform software kits, such as innovations in load shedding, synchronism control function, certified interface protections.

These advanced features ensure service continuity and energy efficiency of systems, reducing the need to install different devices. Ekip UP Protect and Ekip UP Protect+ are typically used for the purpose of:

  • Add protection features to switch-disconnectors, ensure short-circuit breaking p tere and short-time allowable current
  • Leverage multiple ANSI protections and other innovations for switches installed with simple trip, such as thermomagnetic, with the ability to maintain current short-circuit ratings.

Ekip UP can also be the best solution when the release spare parts are no longer available or as a relay support.

The Ekip UP unit comes standard in an optimized package containing:

  • ABB current sensors, available in four different types, and wiring kit
  • Jumper for voltage sockets
  • Cartridge power supply module
  • Measurement module
  • Four programmable I/O contacts


  • The Ekip UP unit itself can be mounted on a DIN rail or on the door, according to specific requirements
  • The unit is secured by numerous brackets that ensure stability in all installations
  • The ability to rotate the digital contacts and two dedicated labels ensure ease of use in either type of mounting
  • The Serial Number can be found on the label affixed to the side of the unit and in the touchscreen display
  • All configurations are possible from the display or using Ekip Connect commissioning software
  • Additional labels help identify the cartridge module connected to the unit

Protection features:

  • Distribution protection (grid and power lines) based on current and voltage measurements
  • Generator protection and interface protection systems
  • Adaptive thresholding based on network topology
  • Digital selectivity for resource coordination
  • Load shedding algorithms to prevent blackouts
  • Programmable logic to manage automatic switching operations and maximize service continuity
  • Synchronization function of different power sor gents in the system.

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