Mgf Tsunami and Tornado Pump Kit F 3/4 750W 7 bar IP55 905156

15A 905156

Mgf Tsunami and Tornado pump kit with the following features:


  • Max flow rate: 60 L/min
  • Max pressure: 7 bar
  • Tank capacity: 50 litr
  • Head: 70 m
  • Water connection: 3/4
  • Power supply: 230 V-50 Hz
  • Current: 5.2 A
  • Power: 750 W
  • Sound pressure: 70 dbA
  • Degree of protection: IP55
  • Weight: 35.2 kg


TSUNAMI pump is the ideal solution for loading and flushing thermal sanitary systems and is also used in solar thermal technology.

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Mgf Tsunami and Tornado Pump Kit F 3/4 750W 7 bar IP55 905156

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Mgf Tsunami and Tornado Pump Kit F 3/4 750W 7 bar IP55 905156

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Mgf Tsunami and Tornado Pump Kit F 3/4 750W 7 bar IP55 905156


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The combination Tsunami Pump + Tornado Module creates turbulent motion of the liquid in the flushing phase, which exerts a mechanical action in the circuits and accelerates chemical reactions. It may also happen that dirt may be present in the circuits and create constrictions. For this reason, it is important to reverse the flow with the special flow reversal valve on Tornado and especially to create a lot of pressure to counteract pressure drops.


With Tsunami it is possible to:

  • Flush circuits through the mix between the chemical and the mechanical action of the pump
  • Load circuits with mixed chemicals or water thanks to the graduated container
  • Purge thanks to the turbulent motion induced within the circuit
  • Pressurize
  • Practical, reliable and easy to use for quick loading and flushing, even on large systems
  • Easy to fill and clean thanks to the large 210 mm tank opening
  • The tank has a circular cross-section with reinforcements to ensure that it does not deform when filled with hot liquid
  • Ideal for use on construction sites or ladders thanks to pneumatic wheels


The Tsunami pump comes with a pair of 3-meter hoses, resistant to 10 bar and 80°C (H.T.) to ISO standard, a guarantee of quality.


By operating the valves alone you will be able to perform all stages of flushing without disconnecting hoses:

  • Empty the system
  • Mix chemicals
  • Flush effectively with the flow reverser
  • Flush the 9'' self-cleaning filter
  • Flush with the pump
  • Rinse without the pump
  • Charge the system
  • Purge air from the circuit



  • No more liquids on the ground
  • Never more pauses during the cycle
  • Never more clogged filters
  • Never more cavitation pumps
  • Never more oxidized or stuck aluminum diverters
  • Never more uncomfortable trolleys


High Flow Rate: For good mechanical washing, it is necessary for the liquid to move very quickly, creating turbulent motion, full of eddies and stirrings that can detach sludge and algae and accelerate the chemical action of the product used.


High Head: Head is needed to overcome pressure drops generated by bends (e.g., floor circuit), bottlenecks created by sludge and algae. A high flow rate but low head pump is low flow as soon as the system is dirty, long or high. Just look at the diagram opposite to see how a pump behaves with 1 bar of pressure drop generated.


Flow reversal: Flow reversal is essential to attack dirt and scale from two different fronts, thus doubling the effectiveness of flushing. Our flow diverter is made entirely of brass (unlike competing aluminum products) to resist oxidation and chemicals.


Large capacity self-cleaning filter: MGF pumps are equipped with 9 3/4 self-cleaning filters that can hold large amounts of dirt before clogging. Filter cleaning can also be carried out during washing, without interruption and without fouling.


Resistance to high temperatures: Flushing operations must also be carried out on solar thermal systems. Therefore, all components: filters, pipes, tank, pump and valves are certified to work up to 80°C.

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