Fimer Photovoltaic Inverter 100KW Three-phase 6MPPT FULL 3Q449901000A

06R 3Q449901000A

Fimer photovoltaic inverter model PVS-100-TL B2 SX2 FULL:


  • Rated AC power output 100KW
  • Type of AC connection to the grid Three-phase 3W+PE or 4W+PE
  • Number of independent MPPTs 6 MPPTs
  • FULL version
  • DC and AC disconnect switch
  • Built-in communication interfaces 1x RS485, 2x Ethernet (RJ45), WLAN (IEEE802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4 GHz)
  • User interface 4 LEDs, Web user interface
  • Modbus RTU/TCP communication protocol (Sunspec compliant)
  • Commissioning tool Web user interface, Mobile APP/APP at the plant level
  • Remote monitoring service Via Aurora Vision portal
  • Advanced features Built-in data logger functionality, direct transfer of telemetry data to cloud
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Fimer Photovoltaic Inverter 100KW Three-phase 6MPPT FULL 3Q449901000A

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Fimer Photovoltaic Inverter 100KW Three-phase 6MPPT FULL 3Q449901000A

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Fimer Photovoltaic Inverter 100KW Three-phase 6MPPT FULL 3Q449901000A


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The PVS-100/120-TL is FIMER's cloud-connected three-phase string solution for efficient implementation of decentralized PV systems for both ground-mounted and large commercial applications.


Fast system integration:

  • The standard Modbus/SUNSPEC communication protocol enables twice as fast system integration. The presence of two Ethernet ports ensures fast advanced-level communication for any PV system.


Compatible with FIMER's cloud platform:

  • Plant monitoring is facilitated by the ability to connect each inverter to the Aurora Vision cloud platform ensuring long-term security and profitability


Overview General model benefits:

  • Up to 6 independent MPPTs
  • Transformerless inverters
  • 120 kW of power for 480 Vac and 100 kW for 400 Vac
  • Configurable via WIFI
  • Plant-wide communication via two Ethernet ports
  • Wide variety of grid-specific codes available that can be selected directly in the field
  • Dual-stage topology for high input voltage
  • Mounting in both vertical and horizontal positions
  • Separate wiring box for easy replacement
  • IP66 environmental protection
  • Maximum efficiency greater than 98.9%





  • Maximum absolute input DC voltage (Vmax,abs) 1000 V
  • Input DC trigger voltage (Vstart) 420 V (400500 V)
  • Input DC voltage operating range (Vdcmin...Vdcmax) 3601000 V
  • Rated DC input voltage (Vdcr) 620 V
  • Rated DC input power (Pdcr) 102000 W
  • Number of independent MPPTs 6
  • MPPT range of DC voltage (VMPPTmin...VMPPTmax) at Pacr 480850 V symmetrical load)
  • Maximum DC input power for each MPPT (PMPPT,max) 21000 W (585 V?VMPPT?850 V)
  • Maximum DC input current (Idcmax) for each MPPT 36 A
  • Maximum input short circuit current (Iscmax) for each MPPT 1) 50 A
  • Number of input DC connection pairs for each 4 MPPTs
  • DC connection type Quick plug-in connectors



  • AC connection type to the grid Three-phase 3W+PE or 4W+PE
  • Rated AC power output (Pacr @cos?=1) 100000 W
  • Maximum AC power output (Pacmax @cos?=1) 100000 W
  • Maximum apparent power (Smax) 100000 VA
  • Rated AC output voltage (Vac,r) 400 V
  • AC voltage range 320...480 V
  • Maximum AC output current (Iac,max) 145 A
  • Rated output frequency (fr) 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Output frequency range (fmin...fmax) 45...55 Hz / 5565 Hz 5)
  • Rated power factor and adjustability range > 0.995, 01 inductive/capacitive with maximum Smax
  • Total current harmonic distortion < 3%.
  • Maximum current injection (% of In) < 0.5%*In
  • Maximum AC cable cross section 185mm2 aluminum and copper
  • Type of AC connections Bar provided for connection of M10 jumpers, single pole cable glands 4xM40 and M25, multiple cable glands M63 (optional)


Input protections:

  • Reverse polarity protection Yes, from current limited source.
  • Input overvoltage protection for each MPPT - arrester with Type II monitoring
  • Isolation control Yes, in accordance with IEC 62109-2
  • Residual current monitoring unit (leakage current protection) Yes, in accordance with IEC 62109-2
  • DC disconnect characteristics for each MPPT 50 A-1000 V
  • Fuse cut-off (version with fuses) 20 A / 1000 V
  • Input current monitoring At individual string level (24ch.): SX2, SY2 / At MPPT level: Standard, S2, SX, SY


Output protections:

  • Anti-islanding protection In accordance with local regulations.
  • Anti-islanding protection 225 A
  • Output overvoltage protection - Type 2 replaceable overvoltage protection device with monitoring


Operating performance:

  • Maximum efficiency (?max) 98.4%
  • Weighted efficiency (EURO) 98.2%



  • Operating ambient temperature range -25...+60°C /-13...140°F with derating over 40°C / 104°F
  • Relative humidity 4%...100% with condensation
  • Sound emission pressure, typical 68dB(A)@ 1m
  • Maximum operating altitude without derating 2000 m / 6560 ft



  • Environmental protection rating IP 66 (IP54 for cooling section)
  • Cooling system Forced air
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 869x1086x419 mm / 34.2 x 42.7 x 16.5
  • Weight 70kg / 154 lbs per power module; ~55kg / 121 lbs per wiring box Maximum 125 kg / 276 lbs overall
  • Mounting system Wall brackets, horizontal and vertical support



  • Isolation level No transformer
  • CE Certifications.
  • Safety and EMC standards IEC/EN 62109-1, IEC/EN 62109-2, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4
  • Grid connection standards (check availability through sales channel) IEC 0-16, IEC 0-21, IEC 61727, IEC 62116, IEC 60068, IEC 61683, JORDAN IRR-DCC-MV, DRRG/DEWA, Chile LV/MV, Belg C10-C11, EN50438 Generic +Ireland, EN50549-1/2, CLC-TS50549-1/2, AS/ NZS4777.2, UK G59/3, EREC G99-1, MEA, PEA, ISO-IEC Guide 67 (system 5), NRS 097-2-1, P.O. 12.3, ITC-BT-40, UNE 206006 IN, VDE-AR-N 4105, VDE-AR-N 4110, VDE-AR-N 4120, VDE V 0-126- 1-1, VFR 2019, UTE C15-712-1, Taiwan.

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