Abb rotary disconnect switch 4-pole 40A 16A DC 500V M970570

ABB M970570 6417019158419

Abb rotary disconnector, with the following characteristics:

  • AC-21A rated operating current (Ie): (380 ... 415 V) 40A
  • Conventional free air thermal current (Ith):q = 40 °C 40A
  • Conventional thermal current (Ithe):Fully Closed 40A
  • Impulse withstand voltage (Uimp):8 kV
  • Rated insulation voltage (Ui):according to IEC/EN 60664-1 750V
  • Rated operating voltage:Main circuit 750V
  • Rated closing power on short circuit (Icm):(690 V) 0.71 kA
  • Rated allowable short-circuit current (Icw):for 1 s 0.5 kA
  • Rated conditional short-circuit current (Inc):(40 A fused, ≤415V) 50 kA, (25 A fused, 690V) 50 kA
  • Power loss: at Rated Operating Conditions per pole 1.6W
  • Pollution degree: 3
  • Handle Type: Handle and Shaft not included
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Abb rotary disconnect switch 4-pole 40A 16A DC 500V M970570


Abb rotary disconnect switch 4-pole 40A 16A DC 500V M970570

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Abb rotary disconnect switch 4-pole 40A 16A DC 500V M970570


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They are designed for disconnection of power lines according to IEC EN 60947-3, enabling safe maintenance of downstream connected devices, and for control under load.

The quick and safe opening mechanism ensures very high performance in both alternating and direct current. The range can be accessorized with auxiliary contacts and door lock.

For versions with a capacity above 40 A, the knob supplied as standard allows the "door lock" function with the possibility of inserting a padlock.

Other technical features:

  • Fourth Pole Position: Right Side
  • Fourth Pole Type: Switched - Simultaneous Function
  • Command (): Mechanism on Top of the Switch
  • Phase Distance: Standard
  • Position of Line Terminals: Top In - Bottom Out
  • Bottom In - Top Out
  • Operating Mode: Front Operation
  • Reference Standards: IEC 60947-3 / UL 508 / CSA C22.2 No. 14
  • Special Functions: No
  • Mounting type: Base mounting
  • Number of poles: 4
  • Cable cross-section: Cu 0.75...10 mm²
  • Degree of protection: In front IP20
  • Clamp type: Screw Terminals
  • Tightening torque: according to IEC 60947-1 0.8 N-m
  • Mechanical life: 20000 cycles
  • Lock Type: No

Rated Operating Current AC-22A (Ie):

  • (380...415V) 40A
  • (500V) 40A
  • (690V) 40A

Rated operating current AC-23A (Ie):

  • (380...415V) 23A
  • (500V) 23A
  • (690V) 12A

Rated operating current AC-23a (Pe):

  • (220...240V) 5.5 kW
  • (400...415V) 11 kW
  • (500V) 11 kW
  • (690V) 11 kW

Dimensions and weight:

  • Width: 68 mm
  • Height: 48 mm
  • Depth: 73 mm
  • Net weight: 0.125 kg

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Degree of protection:
Circuit Protections:
Operating voltage: