Hiltron central wireless burglar alarm XR500

C1A XR500 8056450410755

Central wireless burglar alarm Hiltron 5 zones via radio.

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Hiltron central wireless burglar alarm XR500


Hiltron central wireless burglar alarm XR500

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Hiltron central wireless burglar alarm XR500


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XR500 is a burglar alarm control unit with microprocessor technology to be used in the context of an anti-theft protection system for residential and commercial premises of small and medium size. In addition to managing a wired zone with traditional line NC, allows you to manage three zones via radio on which you can connect, without any passage of cables, an unlimited number of volumetric detectors via radio XR152 or sensors via radio XR200 equipped with 2 inputs with traditional line NC can also be used with fast contacts type "switch".

The alarm is realized through the electronic siren via radio self-powered XR300; any additional signaling can be realized both by wiring in the central unit of a siren SA310 electronic self-powered or a piezoelectric siren SP31 or a telephone dialer, and through the radio module XR100 that, in addition to reporting via LED the status of the system, allows to manage via relay the activation of SA310 sirens and telephone dialers remote to the central unit. The XR100 module is also equipped with two inputs to be used both as a traditional NC line input and as an input for system activation/deactivation through SK, PX or KB control systems.

WARNING: The system via radio XR is absolutely not compatible with the previous Protec RadioSystem RS series burglar alarm system.

Functional features:

  • 5 protection zones: 1 wired immediate / delayed, 3 immediate radio, 1 anti-sabotage "24h".
  • LEDs signaling: network presence, arming / disarming system, alarm, sensor battery failure and power supply sirens with audible warning can be excluded, RF channel activity with sabotage radio signal (excludible), check the status of zones and its alarm memory, status zone 24h
  • Function "ALARM MEMORY" for the indication of the zones that have generated the alarm. Programmable timing for the duration of the time of exit and entry of zone 1 (wired), and for the duration alarm
  • Sound signal for the duration of exit and entry times (excludible). Sound signal for RF channel interference (excludible)
  • Automatic alarm for mains power failure (programmable)
  • System activation/deactivation by XR20 remote control, mechanical key integrated on the panel or with control system
  • Programmable 18-bit system code Radio alarm output for XR300 siren, + relay contact for wired sirens and/or telephone dialers
  • 12V voltage output with system on
  • TEST function to check the range of the sensors, check the operation of XR300 siren, radio listening for the positioning of the central unit.
  • Tamper protection against opening of the central unit
  • Container: ABS

General features:

  • Hiltron series
  • Rated supply voltage: 230Vac ±5% 50Hz
  • Maximum absorption: 80mA
  • Fuse on transformer primary: 250mA type F
  • Fuse on transformer secondary: 1A type F
  • Backup battery: 12V 7Ah
  • Rated output voltage services: 12Vdc ±10%.
  • Maximum current available on services output: 400mA
  • Maximum current deliverable by the power supply: 700mA
  • Services supply output fuse: 1A type F
  • Sirens output fuse: 3,15 A type F
  • Maximum operating temperature: +5°C ÷ 40°C
  • Degree of protection of the container: IP30
  • Dimensions: 280x230x96mm

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