Hiltron XR SERIES XR8 infrared curtain detector via radio

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Hiltron infrared curtain detector via radio, for XR Series.

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Hiltron XR SERIES XR8 infrared curtain detector via radio

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Hiltron XR SERIES XR8 infrared curtain detector via radio

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Hiltron XR SERIES XR8 infrared curtain detector via radio


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The XR8 detector is a passive infrared sensor with Fresnel lens with five beams concentrated on a single plane of detection, particularly suitable for the control of entrances, doors and windows. It allows to protect the accesses to an environment without preventing the regular movement inside.

INSTALLATION: The installation must be made by fixing the detector XR8 so that it can perform the activity of transmission via radio to the central effectively. Therefore avoid positioning in places where there are shields for the signal to the central unit, such as concrete pillars or large metal structures or in the presence of radio sources on the transmission frequency. The range increases in relation to the absence of obstacles between the detector and the central unit. Fix the detector in a stable way, making sure that there are no vibrations. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and do not point the detector towards heat sources such as radiators.

BATTERY INSERTION OR REPLACEMENT: After removing the discharged battery, hold down the right button for 5 seconds, then release it and insert the new battery checking that the two LEDs remain lit for an instant, if not, repeat the operation by holding down the right button for a few moments more. For the detection circuit to stabilize, it is necessary to wait 60 seconds - during which the green LED will emit a series of flashes - after which the XR8 is able to operate regularly.


  • Hiltron Series
  • Double shielded element sensor, with 5-beam Fresnel lens Signalling via LEDs of radio transmission and low battery status
  • Test of detection and radio transmission
  • Tamper protection
  • High immunity to RF30Vm
  • Rated supply voltage 9V battery (included)
  • Standby consumption 10µA
  • Alarm transmission interval 5 minutes
  • Lens beams5 (vertical)
  • Frontal Coverage Angle (PIR)H: 10°; V: 40°
  • Max. coverage 4 meters
  • Low battery threshold level 7,6 Volt
  • Working frequency 433,92MHz
  • Sensor sensitivity adjustment by trimmer
  • Initial stabilization time 60"
  • Dimensions: (WxHxD)38x117x2 5mm

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