Growatt single-phase hybrid Photovoltaic Inverter 6.0KW 2MPPT GWSPH6000


Growatt 6.0KW Hybrid Photovoltaic Inverter:


  • DC Max Pot 8.0 kW
  • Rated AC Power 6 kW
  • 2 MPPT
  • Built-in DC Disconnect
  • Built-in EPS output


Can also be installed on a three-phase grid through the use of a three-phase Energy Meter.


Compatible accessories:

  • Shine WI-Fi module (art. SHINEWIFI-SHINEWIFIX)
  • Growatt Inverter SPH connection cable with ARK25LA1 SPHSPA batteries (art. GWARKLA1CB)
  • Growatt ARK 1 module 2,56KWh photovoltaic Lithium battery (art. GWARK25LA1)
  • Growatt support base for ARK 2,56KW photovoltaic batteries (art. GWARK25A1BASE)
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Growatt single-phase hybrid Photovoltaic Inverter 6.0KW 2MPPT GWSPH6000


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The Growatt SPH series is perfectly suited to meet the electricity demand of a private household, a good residential storage solution, the Growatt SPH series allows the connection of PV modules, battery and grid to the same inverter, which is the best solution for new PV energy storage installations.



  • Internal graphic LCD with four buttons
  • Compact design for easy installation



  • IP65 degree of protection, high lifetime guarantee
  • Natural cooling, no additional fans
  • Built-in backup function, transfer time within 0.5 seconds



  • Ready-made solution for energy storage, battery can be added at a later time
  • Dynamic energy flow control
  • Programmable charge and discharge time


Advanced Safety:

  • Intelligent online assistance during system operation
  • Intelligent battery management ensures battery safety
  • Comprehensive system protections




Input data:

  • Maximum recommended PV power 8000W
  • Maximum DC voltage 550V
  • Activation voltage (V start) 150V
  • PV voltage range 120V~550V
  • MPP voltage range/rated voltage 150V-550V /360V
  • Max. tracker input current A / B 12A/12A
  • Number of MPP trackers 2
  • Strings for MPP 1 trackers


Output Parameters (AC)

  • Rated AC output power 6000W
  • Maximum AC apparent power 6000VA
  • Maximum output current 27A
  • Rated AC voltage range 230V ; 180Vac-280Vac
  • AC mains frequency range 50,60±5Hz
  • Power factor at rated power 1
  • Power factor (cos ?) configurable 0.8 in advance0.8 in delay
  • Total harmonic distortion THDi <3%.


AC output power (backup)

  • Max. output power 3000W
  • Rated output voltage AC 230Vac
  • Rated output frequency AC 50/60Hz
  • Auto switching time <0.5S


Battery data:

  • Battery voltage range 42~59V
  • Max charging voltage 58V
  • Max charge and discharge current 66A
  • Max power of charge and discharge 3000W
  • Battery type lithium / lead acid
  • Depth of discharge 80%DOD/50%DOD
  • Battery capacity 3~12kWh


Conversion Efficiency

  • Maximum Efficiency 97.7%
  • Euro Efficiency 97.1%
  • MPPT Efficiency 99.5%


Safety Devices:

  • DC disconnect switch for each MPPT
  • DC reverse polarity protection
  • Battery reverse protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Output overvoltage protection
  • Ground fault detection device
  • Network monitoring device
  • Device monitoring leakage current on all poles


General Data

  • Dimensions (W / H / D) in mm 547*516*170
  • Weight 27 Kg
  • Operating temperature range 25°C/+60°C
  • Noise emission (typical) ? 25 dB(A)
  • Altitude 2000 meters
  • Transformerless inverter topology
  • Natural cooling system
  • Environmental protection degree IP65
  • Relative humidity 100%
  • DC MC4 connection
  • Interfaces: RS232/USB
  • LCD display
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Optional 10 years warranty with manufacturer

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From 6 to 10KW

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