Hiltron Volumetric Motion detector IR10

C1A IR10 8056450410304

Volumetric detector passive infrared with a circuitry manufactured in SMT technology to guarantee higher stability during use, and greater immunity to electromagnetic interference.

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Hiltron Volumetric Motion detector IR10


Hiltron Volumetric Motion detector IR10

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Hiltron Volumetric Motion detector IR10


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  • Pyroelectric sensor, double-item1
  • Complete with joint anti-disorientation
  • Closing block screw
  • Auto sensitivity as a function of changes of temperature
  • Antiopening protection Tamper
  • High immunity to RF30Vm
  • Power supply voltage 13vdc ±5%
  • Maximum consumption 20mA
  • Beams of the lens 17 (on 3 horizontal levels)
  • Levels of the lens 3
  • Corner of front cover (PIR) H: 85°; V: 60°
  • Coverage max. 12mt
  • LED signaling is not excludable
  • Relay outputs solid state NC 100mA, 50Vcc max.
  • Stabilization time initial 60"
  • Operating temperature+5°C ÷ 40°C
  • Can safety 1
  • Environmental class 2
  • Dimensions (Wxhxd) 59x80x52mm
  • Compliant with standards CEI EN 50131-1


  • Secure the base of the hinge to the wall after you have drilled and applied the gusset. Make sure that the base of the hinge is secured in a reliable manner, by controlling the surface of the wall is smooth and not subject to vibrations.
  • Open the detector and attach the base to the joint. Tighten the screw in the joint after directing the detector. Do not point the detector towards objects that may produce rapid temperature changes such as heaters, electric radiators, air conditioners, open flame, etc.
  • Avoid installing the unit in proximity of them.
  • Not to obscure partially or completely the field of vision of the detector.
  • Do not touch the pyroelectric sensor with your fingers!
  • Giving voltage to the IR10, the LED flashes for about a minute to allow the stabilization of the infrared sensor
  • When the sensor reveals a movement, open the output relay and turns on the LED. The output circuit remains open for the entire time of the revelation and closes after three seconds from the restoration of the condition of rest.

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