Bticino Residual current device Stop & Go! B-test F80SGB

BTI F80SGB 8005543479322

The STOP & GO circuit breaker is an automatic recloser device for residual current operated circuit breakers (1P+N or 2P) and residual current devices (2P):


  • Reference Standard EN 50557
  • Voltage 230Vac
  • Modules 2
  • Degree of protection IP20
  • Dimensions: Height 83mm Width 35.6mm Depth 80.5mm
  • Maximum cable cross-section 1.5mmq.



Model F80SGB: Stop&Go BTEST, same function as model F80SG but with the "self-test" (BTEST) function to automatically test every 56 days that the residual current device associated with the device is working properly (test time and day are programmable).

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Bticino Residual current device Stop & Go! B-test F80SGB


Bticino Residual current device Stop & Go! B-test F80SGB

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Bticino Residual current device Stop & Go! B-test F80SGB


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The main functions of the STOP & GO are:

  • In case of tripping due to ground fault or short circuit, the device checks to detect the presence of an insulation fault in the system before restoring it.
  • In case of transient fault, the device automatically restores the electrical circuit.
  • In the event of a permanent fault (ground fault or short circuit), the device keeps the electrical circuit open and signals the fault by visual and, if necessary, audible signaling (by connecting it to the lockout signaling contact on terminals 17-18 of the lower terminal block). These functions allow continuity of service of the system.


Technology: electric motor with permanent magnets in direct current.


It is a device for re-arming a residual current circuit breaker (earth leakage circuit breaker) in case it trips. It is to be combined with a Bticino pure residual current circuit breaker (type GC723AC25) or also with residual current circuit breakers (type GC8813AC10).

This device checks the insulation status of the system and periodically checks the residual current circuit breaker before re-arming the circuit breaker.

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