Bticino differential thermomagnetic 10A 1+N 4.5KA GC8813AC10

BTI GC8813AC10 8005543532485

Bticino differential thermomagnetic circuit breaker, 2 modules, DIN connection (universal for any switchboard on the market), poles 1P+N, 10 amperes, breaking capacity 4.5kA, voltage 230 Vac, differential current Idn 0.03A, AC type, trip curve C.

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Bticino differential thermomagnetic 10A 1+N 4.5KA GC8813AC10


Bticino differential thermomagnetic 10A 1+N 4.5KA GC8813AC10

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Bticino differential thermomagnetic 10A 1+N 4.5KA GC8813AC10


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The thermomagnetic circuit breaker is located next to the circuit breaker and integrates a magnetic protection with a thermal one and interrupts the electric current in case of need.

The thermal magnetic circuit breaker is, therefore, a system that combines the functions of the circuit breaker with magnetic and thermal characteristics.

The thermal-magnetic differential switch present in the electrical system integrates three different protections

  • the magnetic one for short circuits that can put an entire building at risk of fire;
  • the thermal one for overloads in the supply of electrical energy (for example, more than one household appliance in operation);
  • the differential one, typical of the lifesaver, which protects the subject from a current leakage.

The AC type differential switch intervention is ensured for sinusoidal alternating currents applied suddenly or slowly increasing (CEI EN 61008-1).


  • Bticino series
  • Voltage 230 Vac
  • Current In 10A
  • Interrupting capacity Icn 4,5kA
  • Intervention curve C
  • Differential current Idn 0.03A
  • Type of AC differential
  • 4 modules
  • 2 poles
  • Height 83 mm
  • Width 35.6 mm
  • Depth 76 mm
  • Maximum cable section 25/35mmq
  • Degree of protection IP20

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