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Power Supplies Weidmuller

Power Supplies Weidmuller

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l increasing level of industrial automation in the production processes requires a power supply Weidmuller guaranteed and reliable 24V DC during operation of the plant, especially in the case of interruptions.

Our power supplies Weidmuller modular offer their support to meet these needs. We guarantee a solution with components that are perfectly coordinated between them.

Our range includes switching power supplies, Weidmuller from 5V to 24V, and 48V suited for industrial applications, dc power supply and electronic fuses for networks to 24 V. its expansion modules, such as DC/DC converters, modules, diodes, modules, relays and modules, capacitive sensors have shown their utility in the feeding substation. In harsh industrial environments, in areas hazardous chemical or naval design, our switching power supplies, with the approval of the international, stand out for their reliability. In addition, the electronic fuses protect reliably your circuits to 24V DC.

Our products Weidmuller for power supply can also be used universally in combination with Industrial Ethernet, with the protections against lightning and voltage surges, relays and switches, semiconductors, and can be linked to form many complete solutions.