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Frame covers and switches

Frame covers and switches

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In this category you will find a wide selection of plates and switches of the leading companies of the sector such as Bticino, Vimar, Abb, Ave, Urmet, and Gewiss.
Many are the choices of plaques and usually 3 colors of switches: white, tech and anthracite. The plaque first it was an accessory that was also neglected because in the past there was this whole range of colors, shapes and materials. Today, the plaque is a true complement of furniture that should be chosen with much care. The plate should be coupled to the support, oreach brand has a catalogue of various civil series and each series has its own specific support. Let's take an example: the Bticino produces 4 civil series Axolute, LivingLight, Matix, and the Moon. If I decide to buy a plate Axolute must I purchase a support Axolute, because the Series does not allow to hook the plate Axolute support Matix , and vice versa, this is a rule that all the big companies that produce plates for switches. The same is true for the switches; if you choose the switches, buttons and sockets of the series Vimar Plana then you will need to purchase the supports and the plates Vimar Plana. Choose the electrical outlets bypass so not avraì need of adapters when you have a plug and socket small, or better yet, you can preview the inside of the plates the mains socket also called socket German so as to have the 100% compatibility. Currently, the switches, buttons, dividers and inverters exist both in the classic version, that is, the tilting; but recently some companies such as Bticino and Vimar introduced new buttons axial that have the works to remain always aligned to the switches that are present within the plaque. Almost all the switches, buttons, dividers and inverters can be illuminated via the LED that is placed behind the switch. While the box that is recessed within the wall is universal and you can install any support, switches and plate. The only advice that we feel that we can say about the boxes is that if you are going to make a new system to provide a box bigger than what you need because if one day you need the space for another socket, you will not have to break the wall to change the box.