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Who does not know this series? The Bticino Axolute is the queen of the market, in the field of electrical material. Bticino Axolute represents the best of design and technology, with its rich aesthetics and the best choice for all contexts of prestige. Axolute provides technological solutions for each specific need, by enriching the environment with his unique and original style. Three finishes of switches: anthracite, teche, and white. Axolute is installed in normal flush-mounted box and wall, through media. The point light is complete (your choice) with the plaques of rectangular or elliptical. Axolute Air is characterized by a protrusion of only 3.5 mm from flush with the wall, it needs a dedicated support. Another peculiarity of the series Axolute are the switches, buttons, dividers and inverters with the command-axial. One of the innovations in home Bticino, are the commands with terminal machines, for fast installation. Come in and discover the whole catalogue in the categories placed here below, you will find discounted prices.