White modules Bticino MatixGO

White modules Bticino MatixGO

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This category includes the complete range of MatixGO white modules, the entry level BTicino switch range.

The glossy white modules are available with the traditional tilting controls and not the axial ones that characterise the matt grey modules, and can be integrated with white or blue LED light.

Colour and shape make the MatixGO white modules particularly versatile and suitable for every context, from residential to tertiary, from offices to healthcare facilities.

Among the available products are the main controls, i.e. switches, diverters, inverters and rocker pushbuttons as well as other control devices such as key and infrared switches, pushbuttons with nameplate and pull plate and roller shutter switches.

In addition, there are standard and two-pin sockets, schuko sockets, even flat sockets, USB sockets, TV sockets, Sat sockets, RJ sockets, buzzers, chimes, dimmers, antibacterial lamp holders and removable and rechargeable torches.

MatixGO allows you to make your home a Smart Home by configuring a Smart electrical system thanks to a dedicated range of wired and wireless smart devices: gateways, scene controls, connected diverters, wireless light controls, connected and wireless roller shutter controls and connected dimmers.

The Smart range is also available in practical kits.