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Vimar Linea: the new essential and intuitive domestic series. While on the one hand it features a minimalist design with simple interfaces and enlarged control surfaces, on the other hand the gently curved controls make interaction spontaneous.

Linea offers, with this new series, 3 types of inserts: aligned controls, characterised by minimal thickness and in-line technology; axial controls with absolute flatness and traditional rockers; all in shades of white, black and hemp, which can be combined with a range of 12 plates in different materials, to make it perfect on any wall and in any environment.

Elegantly enriching the controls are two backlighting modes: a luminous sign to identify the function in the dark, available for all options, and a vertical downward light beam as an additional option for the aligned control only. In this case, the LED lighting unit provides either standard or softer intensity, which creates a soft glow on the surface of the plate.

The unusual and elegant design, however, is also combined with state-of-the-art technology.

Linea in fact is connected thanks to the home automation and smart versions, and is dynamic with the innovative XT platform.