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BTicino MatixGO is the evolution of the Matix series, BTicino's entry level range, of which it retains the minimalist lines and colours and the simplicity of installation.

In fact, thanks to the versatility of the available modules, the MatixGO series adapts to any type of environment, from housing to tertiary, from hotels to hospitals, from indoor to outdoor.

To modify a MatixGO installation quickly and easily you just have to add accessories or products, without dismantling or rewiring.

It is possible to choose between two types of modules, tilting in glossy white or axial in matt grey with a velvety effect, with the possibility of integrating both with white or blue LED light.

Various plates are available in different colours and finishes, from glossy to matt through to marble, aluminium and steel effect plates. The plates are all made of 100% recyclable technopolymer, with the exception of the BIO plate, which is made of an innovative natural eco-sustainable biopolymer.

The MatixGO series allows the installation of a smart electrical system that can be controlled via an App, Home + Control, which with a single click allows all lights to be switched off, shutters to be lowered or specific scenarios to be activated. Functions can also be controlled using the most popular voice assistants.

MatixGO is a complete series and includes switches, sockets, USB sockets, Schuko sockets, outdoor waterproof boxes and also an antibacterial range of solutions for sanitary systems.