Anti-Theft System Bticino

Anti-Theft System Bticino

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To protect your home and your family, the burglar alarm BTicino is an anti-theft system effective and safe using audible alarms, visual, and phone messages. A programmable central controller supervises the general settings and that of the plant.The keyboards and the transponder, instead, are devices that allow you to enable or disable the alarm.
The alarm systems Bticino have volumetric sensors that allow you to detect any type of presence within an environment and perimeter sensors that activate the forced opening of doors and windows that will ensure full safety.

The burglar alarm BTicino increases the security of your home thanks to its technical alarms of flooding and escape of gas, integrating the appropriate sensors, so that you can increase the protection of your house. Finally, with the remote control you can send to a phone number preset an alarm signal, which signals the need for an intervention to your rescue. More by integrating the burglar alarm BTicino with the home automation system, you can take advantage of additional features such as access to the central or the vision of the cameras through a tablet, smartphone or pc. All the main functions of a burglar alarm BTicino, however, are guaranteed in any traditional plant.