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In this category you will find a wide selection of items for video Surveillance,video cameras,vcrs and monitors in the Urmet known leader in the industry.If you need a cctv system professional then you will have to rely on companies that has been producing professional products for the security as in this case, Urmet. The New cameras Urmet high definition vision even at night to allow video-surveillance is more accurate. Video recorders Urmet with built-in hard drive where you can record everything that contain the cameras, and them in case of need. Urmet offers cameras that are the latest generation of IP cameras where instead of the classic cord BNC,the camera is installed through the data cable RJ45 to then configure everything on the home network of the house,finally brought in a single cable to the video recorder (NVR).Many items at discounted prices directly to your home ,if you need a quote please contact us.