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Circuit Breakers 2 Modules

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In this category you will find the circuit breakers of Bticino,ABB and Siemens are the three leading companies in the field of electrical material. The breaker also told commonly the circuit breaker is placed inside the electrical panel to protect our house from short-circuits or overload,but unlike a breaker it does not protects us from electric shock,for this inside the electrical panel made in accordance with the regulations you have to have both the circuit breaker and the circuit breaker. They are usually used for a normal apartment of approximately 70/100 square meters, a circuit breaker, 10A for the lights and a 16A for wall sockets in the house,both the curve C and 4.5 kA. Of course, our advice is to always contact your electrician will advise you what circuit breakers are suitable to your electrical system to take Advantage of our discounted prices and if there is not some article, please contact us, we can order in a short time.