Polychloroprene Sheathed Cable 3X2.5mmq H07RNF3G2.5

9X9 H07RNF3G2,5

Flexible neoprene/polycoprene sheathed cable with yellow/green, with the following characteristics:


  • Sheath color: black
  • Cable diameter: 14.5 mm
  • Number of conductors/cables : 3
  • Conductor/wire cross-section : 2.5 sq. mm
  • Resistant to water immersion



Suitable for tools with mechanical stresses, and submersible pumps. Can be used for connections of industrial or agricultural equipment such as large kettles, heating plates, portable lamps, power tools, motors and transportable generators.


The selling price is intended per meter.

The producers of our cables are:

  • Baldassari cavi
  • Icel
  • La Triveneta
  • Prysmian
The delivery of the cable from one manufacturer rather than another is dictated by the availability of the moment. All our cables comply with the relevant legal regulations.  
This product doesn t benefit from the right of withdrawal Cable cut and therefore non-refundable
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Polychloroprene Sheathed Cable 3X2.5mmq H07RNF3G2.5


Polychloroprene Sheathed Cable 3X2.5mmq H07RNF3G2.5

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Polychloroprene Sheathed Cable 3X2.5mmq H07RNF3G2.5


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Mandatory for temporary installations at construction sites in accordance with IEC 64-8 part 7 third edition. Can be used in fixed installations.

Data sheet

2.5 mmq
With yellow/green:
Number of cables: