BTICINO MY HOME interface with IR emitter for air conditioners 3456

BTI 3456 8005543400944

BTICINO MY HOME IR emitter interface for air conditioner control, with the following features:

  • Operating power supply with SCS BUS: 18 - 27 Vdc
  • Absorption: 15 mA in stand-by
  • Absorption: 25 mA peak in transmission
  • Operating temperature: -5/+40 °C
  • IR cable length: 2 meters

Suitable for learning and playing IR signal of air conditioner remote controls, controllable by Touch Screen and Multimedia Touch Screen.

Basic case for installation behind the air conditioner.

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BTICINO MY HOME interface with IR emitter for air conditioners 3456


BTICINO MY HOME interface with IR emitter for air conditioners 3456

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BTICINO MY HOME interface with IR emitter for air conditioners 3456


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PLEASE NOTE: The device may not be compatible with some makes and models of air conditioners.

The IR emitter air conditioner control is a device that can control the air conditioners* of the air conditioning system by sending infrared commands. All commands are sent to the split through the Touch Screen or the Multimedia Touch Screen of the My Home system. The device can be installed in flush-mounted boxes, behind traditional type devices, in switchboards without, however, occupying a space on a DIN rail or inside the split.

It is equipped with an IR transmitter with two meters of wire so that it can be attached to the receiver of the split. The IR transmitter is equipped with a slot for 4 configurators: ZA/A, ZB/PL, N, M.


Configuration of the device can be done in two distinct ways:

  • Physical Configuration: by inserting the physical configurators into their respective slots
  • Virtual Configuration: the device is configured remotely if the physical configurators were not entered (future use)

Basic mode M = 1: In this mode, the device can learn up to 20 commands from the air conditioner remote control, which can be invoked by all devices that control the scenarios (scenario control, Local Display, Touch Screen, Multimedia Touch Screen, MH200, MHVisual, Web server) In this mode, the device is to all intents and purposes an element of the automation system, with address A/PL, (configurator N must be equal to 0). Command learning is done by connecting the device to the PC where the dedicated software was previously installed. Through the IR emitter it is possible to learn IR commands from the remote control and save them in a personal database. Through software it is possible to associate each command with a number from 1 to 20 and make the download to the IR emitter.

Advanced mode M = 0: In this mode the IR emitter allows you to control the main functions of the air conditioner (temperature, mode, speed and swing) from Touch Screen and Multimedia Touch Screen. This mode is available for air conditioner models in the database accompanying the product.

It is possible, if supported by the air conditioner model, to execute the following commands:

  • Temperature: regulation -16/+30 °C
  • Modes: auto, heating, cooling, dry and fan
  • Speed: auto, minimum, medium, maximum
  • Fin oscillation (swing): on - off

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