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Home automation Finder YESLY

Home automation Finder YESLY

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A home where comfort is always at the first place: this is the principle on which it is based YESLY, the innovative system of the Finder for the home that allows you to check, with incredible simplicity and a high degree of flexibility, lights, curtains and electric shutters in every room of your home. Perchè choose the system YESLY? In the first place for its simplicity : the system is easy to use and does not require work-invasive procedures related to the installation. It is also designed to be highly versatile: you have the freedom to choose which devices to control, in which rooms, and whether to use the button BEYON or the only smartphone to do so. Finally, thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy technology (BLE), your home will be highly connected with a minimum energy consumption. All these aspects make the Finder YESLY a solution extremely beneficial in report functionality/cost and the perfect choice for all those who want maximum comfort in their own home. Thanks to the system the Finder YESLY can be used to control the switching on and off of the lights in the house, create SCENARIOS and control shutters and electric curtains, in a simple and intuitive manner. All of this is made possible by BEYON, the innovative wireless button that can manage your home system, in the most convenient way there is, and the application for Android devices and iOS YESLY app. YESLY is the ideal solution for a home centered around your needs and can guarantee you all the comfort and control you need. YESLY is a system of comfort living which can be installed without the need for restructuring measures, invasive and economically burdensome. Why the system functions is simply the use of an actuator Bluetooth Finder type 13.72 that will make possible the control of the light points of the house, shutters and electric awnings. Also, to dim the lamps in your house, it will be possible to equip the system with a dimmer, Bluetooth Finder type 15.71. Both will be programmable via app (available for iOS and Android) and will allow the control, always using the smartphone or a wireless button, of the required devices. Also, thanks to 128-bit encryption system YESLY you never have to worry about the safety of your data. BEYON is the innovative button system wireless Finder YESLY. A solution that is extremely flexible, applicable in any point of your home: thanks to a magnetic diskette, and a sticker you can, in fact, to place it on any surface, from glass, to wood, to plastic. His versatility, moreover, you have the ability to control many devices, even different between them: using BEYON in fact, you can turn on, turn off or dim your lights sitting comfortably on the couch, or raise and lower your blinds/curtains electrical directly from your bed. Applications BEYON are numerous and customizable, all aimed at making the most simple actions in your daily life and to ensure the maximum comfort. BEYON is based on a technology that is simple and functional, and which allows the durability of the device unlimited, completely eliminating the need to change the batteries or recharge the device. The high level of customization and the style friendly and minimalist BEYON makes this button perfect for any environment or room in the house. You can choose the version with one or two buttons, and use it in its configuration single or double, to control several devices at the same time. Turn on, turn off and dim the lights, so as to raise or lower the shutters, and electric shutters of the house, has never been so simple!