Wimex NH gG low-dissipation fuse 80A 5500180

WIM 5500180 8025241120234

Wimex NH gG low-dissipation fuse, 80 amps, 500V.

NH type gG industrial fuses are normally used to protect cables, power lines and equipment against overloads and short circuits.

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Wimex NH gG low-dissipation fuse 80A 5500180


Wimex NH gG low-dissipation fuse 80A 5500180

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Wimex NH gG low-dissipation fuse 80A 5500180


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NH fuses, thanks to their multiple classes of use, are suitable for overload and short-circuit protection of lines, motors and transformers. NH fuse bases must be sized according to the rated current of the largest capacity fuse that can be inserted in the base.

Fuses should be inserted and disconnected in the bases by means of appropriate handles. Fuses with tripping characteristic gG, have the capacity to interrupt all currents between the minimum value that causes the element to melt and the value corresponding to the rated breaking capacity. The breaking capacity of a fuse is the maximum value that it is capable of interrupting the maximum values expressed in KA are given in IEC EN 6269.1 standards.

A selectivity ratio of 1.6 at 690V and 1.25 at 400 Vac, succeeds in practice in normally meeting all usage requirements and thus ensuring high fault selectivity.

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