Toilet Macerators and pumps

Toilet Macerators and pumps

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The category macerators and toilet pumps includes submersible pumps, water lifting and collection stations, waste water pumps and macerators both for clear water (bath, bidet, shower, appliances) and for sewage water.

Depending on your specific needs, you can choose different types of macerators, depending on the shape and size of the environment and the number of drains to be connected when they are too far from the sewerage: macerators, both external and built-in, for appliances, with hot water and soap water, for wall-hung toilets and not, and for complete bathrooms.

Domestic pumps (for kitchen, bathroom, laundry room) and lifting pumps are ideal for pumping wastewater from household appliances and sinks and in commercial applications when drains cannot be connected directly to the sewerage system.

The pumps allow to transport the sewage to the main discharge, create plants under the sewage system and connect new appliances to existing installations. Pumps, like shredders, differ in the number of utilities to be connected.

Submersible pumps are the ideal solution for the disposal of waste water from deep wells and tanks, when slurry needs to reach the height of the sewage system.