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Electric Heating

Electric Heating

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If until some years ago, the electric heating was actually a solution impractical, today are spreading more and more heaters and electric panels infrared, not only are a great eco-sustainable solution for the environment, so as to provide access to the tax deduction of 50% on the total expenditure for the purchase, but also a response to all those who intend to save money, giving a clean cut to fixed costs in the family budget.

Unlike traditional electrical heating systems that founded their principle of operation on the convection, the convection heaters electric the latest generation of work to irradiation, resulting in not only more efficient and safe for the health, but also more economic. The main difference between these two systems of electric heating, in fact, lies in the fact that the electric radiators in the convention, to operate heat up the air around a coil, air is then released into the environment by means of a fan, while the radiators to radiation do not use cooling fans, allowing the environment to keep warm while not warming the air.

In addition,these machines operate at low temperature, producing a lower energy consumption and are designed to self: the internal processor compares every 40-60 seconds, the temperature set by the user with that of the environment, and when it is reached will be turned off automatically, avoiding unnecessary waste.

In this category you will find Stoves, Termoconnettori, Caldobagno, fan heaters, Radiators and Scaldatutto of the best brands (vortex, Bimar, and Melchioni)