Vortice Heater EVO T 0000070152

VOR 0000070152 8010300701882

EVO T Vortice warmer, with the following characteristics: 


  • 50-60 Hz frequency
  • Weight 2.65 kg approx.
  • Power consumption max 2000W
  • Voltage 220-240V
  • Continuous heat output - Pmax,c (kW) 2
  • Minimum heat output - Pmin (kW) 1.4
  • Nominal heat output - Pnom (kW) 2
  • Size: A (mm) Ø 178 - B (mm) 380
  • Storage appliances with pilot flame: no
  • Appliances with stand-by mode: no


Table/floor fan heater equipped with IR remote control and ceramic-type electric heating element, useful in case of specific auxiliary heating needs of small or medium residential rooms.

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Vortice Heater EVO T 0000070152


Vortice Heater EVO T 0000070152

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Vortice Heater EVO T 0000070152


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Other technical characteristics:

  • Auxiliary power consumption at minimum heat output - elmin (kW): NO
  • Auxiliary power consumption at rated heat output - elmax (kW): NO
  • Auxiliary power consumption in standby mode - elSB (kW): NO
  • Control with operation time limitation: YES
  • Control with remote option YES
  • Control with black globe thermometer NO
  • Room temperature control with detection of open windows: NO
  • Room temperature control with presence detection: NO
  • Adaptive start-up control NO
  • Seasonal energy efficiency - ?s (%) 37
  • Thermal power at two or more manual stages without room temperature control: NO
  • Single-stage heat output without room temperature control: NO
  • Thermal power with room temperature control by mechanical thermostat: NO
  • Thermal power with electronic room temperature control: YES
  • Thermal power with electronic room temperature control and daily timer: NO
  • Thermal power with electronic room temperature control and weekly timer: NO



  • Casing, top and bottom covers printed in white-colored self-extinguishing polypropylene
  • Silver gray PVC decorative band
  • Mains connection button (product is in stand-by, ready to turn on) located in the lower portion on the back of the product
  • Control panel with LCD display and push-button panel, placed on the upper portion, for: turning on/off the product, activation of automatic oscillation on the horizontal plane, selection of operating modes, LOW: the fan heater constantly operates at minimum power (1,000W), HIGH: the fan heater constantly operates at maximum power (2,000 W)
  • AUTO function: allows the setting of the desired room temperature (from 5° C to 32° C): the product will operate automatically to reach the previously set temperature in the shortest possible time, and then keep it constant by alternating cycles of minimum and maximum power operation
  • STANDBY function: the product stops its operation but continues to be powered, the timer setting for delayed shutdown, which can be set at ½ hour intervals, up to a maximum of 8 hours
  • IR remote control for remote control of the product, powered by a CR2032 3V type lithium battery
  • IR remote control signal reception sensor, located in front, immediately above the decorative band
  • Ceramic-type electrical heating element (PTC)
  • Thermostat for setting and maintaining the desired room temperature
  • Thermal protection to prevent damage and risks due to overheating; the product is equipped with a safety device that cuts off the power supply in case of overheating
  • Protective device in case the product is tipped over: if the fan heater is accidentally tipped over, a safety switch located inside it immediately stops operation. Once correctly repositioned, the fan heater will automatically reactivate in STANDBY mode
  • Polyurethane dust filter, located on the back and protected by the removable grille, useful to protect the internal components from the accumulation of dust and macro particles in the air
  • Power cord, 1.5 m in length, complete with shuko plug

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