BTICINO MY HOME SCS - probe for temperature control L4692

BTI L4692 8012199662084

Livinglight BTICINO MY HOME probe to control the room temperature for heating and cooling systems. Equipped with knob for variation of ± 3 ° C compared to the temperature set in the central unit and for the selection of OFF and antifreeze modes, Voltage 27 Vdc, current In 6 mA, 2 modules.

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BTICINO MY HOME SCS - probe for temperature control L4692

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BTICINO MY HOME SCS - probe for temperature control L4692

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BTICINO MY HOME SCS - probe for temperature control L4692


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  • Power supply from BUS SCS: 27 Vdc
  • Power supply from BUS SCS cable: 18-27 Vdc
  • Absorption: 6 mA
  • Operating temperature: 0 - 40°C
  • Overall dimensions: 2 modules
  • Installation height: 1500 mm from the ground

The device allows you to adjust the room temperature in both winter and summer, allowing you to locally vary the settings from those received from the central unit. The article is equipped with a knob for the local selection of the temperature (limited to +/-3°C compared to the value set by the central unit), of the antifreeze mode and of the OFF mode. On the front of the article there are two leds, one green and one yellow. The green led indicates the correct functioning of the device and the activation of the antifreeze and OFF modes of the corresponding zone. The yellow led indicates the status of the actuators and any anomalies of the same.

OFF mode: This mode has the highest priority, whether it is selected by the probe or set by the control unit; to exit OFF mode it is necessary to operate from the same device from which it was set.

Antifreeze/thermal protection mode: In this position, if the thermoregulation system is set as heating, the probe works in antifreeze mode; if it is set as cooling, it works in thermal protection mode. The probe can also work in collaboration with other probes in "master" configuration to allow the central unit to calculate an average temperature on several detection points. The usefulness of this function is the management of very large environments, within which the temperature can vary significantly. In case of failure of the central unit, the probe continues to work with the last settings received, thus maintaining continuously the last temperature determined with summer or winter settings. The OFF mode, eventually selected on the probe, has anyway priority also in case of failure of the central unit, so the zone controlled by the probe will remain off. The probe allows to control a zone with a maximum of 9 actuators of the same type and 8 slave probes (4693, 573921, 573920 and 067458).

Configuration: This probe has been developed specifically for the management of 3-speed fan-coils and Climaveneta fan-coils, it has only three locations for configuration: ZA, ZB, SLA. The ZA and ZB housings must always be used for configuration operations by inserting two configurators that identify the address of the device, and therefore the number of the zone controlled by the probe itself. The actuators controlled by this probe must be configured with the same zone address.

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