Siemens 6A 6KA 2M differential circuit breaker 5SU13567KK06

SIE 5SU13567KK06 4001869306773

Siemens differential magnetothermal switch, 2 modules, DIN connection (universal for any switchboard on the market), 1P+N, 6 amperes, breaking capacity 6kA, rated voltage 230/240 Vac, rated differential current 30mA, type A, trip curve C.

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Siemens 6A 6KA 2M differential circuit breaker 5SU13567KK06


Siemens 6A 6KA 2M differential circuit breaker 5SU13567KK06

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Siemens 6A 6KA 2M differential circuit breaker 5SU13567KK06


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The thermal-magnetic circuit breaker is located next to the circuit breaker and combines magnetic and thermal protection and, if necessary, interrupts the electrical current.

The thermal-magnetic circuit breaker is, therefore, a system that combines the functions of the circuit breaker with magnetic and thermal characteristics.

The thermal-magnetic differential switch in the electrical system integrates three different protections:

  • the magnetic one for short circuits that can put an entire building at risk of fire;
  • the thermal one for overloads in the supply of electrical energy (e.g. more than one household appliance in operation);
  • the differential which protects the subject from a current leakage.

The C curve, trip threshold from 5 to 10 times In, for application of ohmic-inductive circuits with medium inrush currents. It is widely used in domestic installations.

The residual current circuit breaker type A tripping is assured for differential sinusoidal alternating currents and for pulsating differential unidirectional currents applied suddenly or slowly increasing (CEI EN 61008-1).


  • Siemens series
  • Voltage Nominal operating voltage AC 230/240V Vac
  • Current In 6A
  • Interrupting capacity Icn 6kA
  • Intervention curve C
  • Rated differential current 30 mA
  • 2 modules
  • 1P+N
  • Frequency of use 50 Hz
  • Type of differential protection A
  • Height 90 mm
  • Width 36 mm
  • Depth 77 mm
  • Recessed depth 70 mm
  • Mounting position as desired
  • Net weight 269 g
  • Tightening torque 2,5 Nm, max 3 Nm
  • Degree of protection IP20, for installation in distribution board, with connected conductors

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