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Temperature Controllers Omron

Temperature Controllers Omron

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In this category you will find the temperature Controllers Omron

The new generation of temperature controllers E5_C proposes a new standard for accuracy and a simple design. Best control performance, easy setup and outstanding visibility of the LCD display IP66 white have been integrated into a single housing to save space-only 60 mm deep

  • Quick and precise: sampling rate 50 ms
  • Ease of configuration through an intuitive use of the software CX-Thermo
  • The Display contrast is better with the use of LCD technology-white, visible from a great distance apart, and from any angle
  • Useful functions alarm and diagnostics for safe operation
  • Practical functions for logical operations and timing system that eliminates the need for a PLC
  • There are more templates available with different features. Check the catalog products relevant.

The large LED display white digits, high-contrast, which are equipped with new controllers, it offers an exceptional clarity and is perfectly visible even from a distance and from almost any angle, regardless of the external lighting. This not only guarantees a greater comfort of the user, but virtually eliminates the risk of possible reading errors.

Easy to set up, fast and intuitive operation

The setting of the regulators was made easy thanks to the integration of algorithms of optimization and new and intuitive support software CX-Thermo Omron. This allows a more rapid parameter adjustment of the most easy to devices and a considerable simplification of the maintenance. On the front panel there is a key Shift that quickly allows the quick adjustment of the set values; it is also possible to associate alternative functions such as Autotuning or RUN/STOP.

Excellent control performance

The precise control and immediate is guaranteed from the time of rapid sampling of 50 ms and by the use of the algorithm of control 2-PID is Omron. This powerful and patented algorithm provides a stability control and advanced, which guarantees the constant quality of the products. For less demanding applications, the E5CC/E5EC also support simple control functions activation/deactivation.

To maximize its versatility, questitermoregolatori were equipped with a wide range of new features, including a timer function, a PID function, heating and cooling, a function of the phased attainment of set-point, an alarm mode and advanced output advanced manual. These features are complemented by an input set-point remote from an exit of the transfer by an event input and an auxiliary output.