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Pulse counter digital Omron

Pulse counter digital Omron

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In this category you will find the Pulse Omron of the following lines:

The line H7CX is the series most complete product currently on the market. After a wide and in-depth analysis of customers ' needs, the new counters have been designed with the innovative features that are considered essential by the users.

  • 48 x L 48 x P 59... 78 mm
  • Values are displayed in three colors: red, green, or orange
  • Dual-mode pulse counter
  • Model 6 digit: -99999... 999999, set value: -99999... 999999
  • Contact input: NPN or PNP

Sometimes the control devices are sensitive to harsh environmental conditions and, during production, can be achieved by sketches, become coated with dust or warm up because of the location in which they were placed. The temperature controllers E5CN and E5CSV, H7CX, the counter H5CX and the digital gauge K3HB all feature front panel NEMA4X (IP66 equivalent) for which they are suitable for demanding applications; in addition, the section lower allows for less protrusion in the front face of the panel, reducing the probability that pollution of the environment.

During the feeding of the containers, the containers are transferred on a conveyor belt and the sensor is used to avoid overlaps, which may cause problems in the next phase. The optical fiber ensures a precise fit thanks to the reduced diameter of the beam. This means that it is possible to set the optical fibre sensors to alert you of the presence of problems, for example when the packages are too high or overlapping. While the packages are running on the conveyor belt, the sensor detects it. In the following, the output signal from the sensor, which can be NPN, PNP or free voltage, is used as the input signal of the counter. You can choose between the options of 1 phase, 2 phases, batch, totalizer, and double counting, according to your needs. The color change on the display allows you to identify the achievement of the total amount due.

It is very important to make sure that the bottle is inserted the exact number of tablets, so that the patient receives the dosage correct. The fiber optic allows you to check for potential variations in size. The optical fibre sensors E3X can be used with various types of heads, which can detect small objects thanks to the rays of a very small size. In addition, the sensors can be installed in spaces normally inaccessible to the sensors "all-in-one". The count speed: 5 kHz (5.000 counts/s) provides the accuracy needed for high-speed applications and for items of small size like the tablets. The output signal of the counter can be used to move to the next container; the color change indicates the moment in which it is possible to proceed with this action.

The optical fiber is used to verify the correct positioning of the tablets on the blister, since any blockage will cause damage to the packaging and production losses. The optical fibre sensors E3X can be used with various types of head tracking to detect small objects with beams of very small size. In addition, the sensors can be installed in spaces normally inaccessible to the sensors "all-in-one". Before sealing the count of the elements present in the packaging is essential for the quality of the final product. The block to the release of the tablets would result in the production of blister sealed entirely or partially empty, resulting in problems in the final phase, additional costs and loss of product.