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Legrand Electric panels and cabinets

Legrand Electric panels and cabinets

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In this category you will find all the Electric panels and cabinets of the series Legrand.

Here is a list of the products in the sale:

  • Cabinets BLIZZARD PRO
  • Cabinets ALTIS
  • Speakers ATLANTIC
  • Paintings MRINA
  • Series CROSSING
  • Terminal blocks VIKING
  • Transformers and Fuses
  • Accessories for Wiring

The range of cabinets Blizzard Pro Legrand consists of solutions for modular sheet steel in three different heights and different depths and widths.

These cabinets meet all of the requirements for the implementation of solutions, or individual cabinets battery for applications on the machine. With the new range we have technical solutions that can facilitate considerably the installer. The structures Blizzard Pro can be completed with a wide range of installation accessories and connection that allow us to create cabinets in a wide range of solutions.

The cabinets monobloc Altis , the structures are suitable for a wide range of applications from automation to power distribution. Thanks to their degree of protection IP55 can also be installed in areas which are particularly burdensome for the environmental conditions.

The range of paintings, metallic Atlantic offers what it takes to facilitate the work, in terms of strength, ease-of-use and adaptability. These paintings are ready to use and fitted with fixing plates, can be used in standard configuration or equipped with a wide range of accessories.

The stands Crossing are containers for control equipment and signaling in the industrial automation field.

The paintings and cabinets Marina are structures in the polyester resin unsaturated, glass fibre reinforced, available in all sizes (except size 300 x 200) in the version with glass door. Together with the accessories of the modular, provide a complete solution for all industrial applications, power distribution. Within the paintings, and cabinets of the series, Marina is possible to certify according to EN 60439-1 devices with Icc max 25kA. Rated insulation voltage (Ui) 1000V verified with the test dielectric 5250V according to the standard IEC 60439-1

The range of transformers and power supplies consists of devices single-phase and three-phase, with different powers and characteristics

To make it easier to wire the panels and the control panels are available with a range of accessories Legrand such as clamps, collars Colson and Colring and systems of labeling and identification Starplex and CAB 3.