Hiltron KIT burglar alarm system 8 zones KPROTEC9

C1A KPROTEC9 8056450410045

KIT burglar alarm system 8 zones Hiltron KPROTEC9, consisting of:

  • 1 piece Central burglar alarm 8 zones + 24H (art. PROTEC9)
  • 1 piece Self-powered siren for outdoor use (art. SA310)
  • 1 piece Electronic Piezo siren (art. SP31)
  • 1 piece Flush-mounted cylindrical contact (art. C56)
  • 1 piece Magnetic contact (art. C58)
  • 3 Pieces Dual technology detector (art. DG12)
  • 1 PZ KIT consisting of: 1 PX100 A 12V + 1 PXN200 + 3 KEYN proximity keys (art. PXKEY103)
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Hiltron KIT burglar alarm system 8 zones KPROTEC9

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Hiltron KIT burglar alarm system 8 zones KPROTEC9

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Hiltron KIT burglar alarm system 8 zones KPROTEC9


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  • Immediate protection zones 7
  • Delayed protection zones 1
  • Zones of protection against sabotage "24h" 1
  • Rated supply voltage 230V~ ±5% 50Hz
  • Rated voltage output services 13Vdc ±10%.
  • Normal absorption 40mA
  • Maximum absorption 140mA
  • Maximum absorption of the central unit only 35mA
  • Maximum current deliverable by the power supply 1A (AL5)
  • Maximum current available on sirens output 3A (with battery connected)
  • Maximum current available on services output 650mA
  • 12V 7Ah backup battery
  • Fuse on transformer primary 250mA - F
  • Fuse on transformer secondary 2A - F
  • Sirens output fuse 3A - F
  • Environmental class 2
  • Safety grade 1
  • Enclosure protection degree IP30
  • ABS outer container
  • Complies with CEI EN 50131-1 standard
  • Dimensions (W280mm) x (H 230mm) x (D96mm)


  • Nominal supply voltage 12V
  • Frequency 1237 Hz
  • Absorption 10mA
  • Maximum absorption 1,9A
  • Pressure level 100dB(A) @ 3mt
  • Self-powered
  • Suitable for outdoor
  • Weight 1.9kg
  • Functioning test: at battery connection
  • Tamper protection: anti-opening and anti-tear
  • Protection fuse: power supply and bulb
  • Internal container: Steel sheet painted with epoxy powder
  • Container ABS
  • Screws stainless steel
  • Color white
  • Battery compartment B12V2A
  • Operating temperature -25°C ÷ +55°C
  • Degree of protection IP34


  • Rated supply voltage 12V
  • Maximum absorption 140 mA
  • Pressure level 99dB(A) @ 3mt
  • Frequency 3585 Hz
  • Protection against polarity inversion
  • Tamper protection: anti-opening and anti-tear
  • Container ABS
  • Operating temperature: -5°C/ +40°C
  • Dimensions: 14 × 7 × 18 cm
  • Dimensions: W 135 mm x H 95mm x D 43mm
  • Weight 0.260 kg


  • 2-wires output terminals
  • Voltage max 30V
  • Current max 500 mA
  • Contact type flush mounted
  • Installation recessed on armored doors
  • Weight 0.025 kg
  • Operating distance 12 mm
  • Alarm output NC
  • Cable length 25 cm
  • Color white
  • Container Nylon
  • Safety grade 1
  • Environmental class 2
  • Dimensions: W 36mm x H 22mm x D 19mm


  • Weight: 0.021 kg
  • Color white
  • Safety class 1
  • Environmental class 2
  • Installation on doors and windows
  • Output terminals 2 wires
  • Max voltage 30V
  • Current max 500mA
  • Cable length 25cm
  • Operating distance 18mm
  • NC alarm output
  • Container Nylon
  • Dimensions: (W16mm) x (H9mm) x Dimensions (D40mm)
  • External Contact Type


  • Dual element digital sensor (Digipyro™)
  • Microwave sensor 10,525Gh
  • Complete with joint anti-disorientation
  • Adjustable sensitivity through trimmer
  • Tamper protection
  • Tamper function
  • Anti-masking function
  • High immunity to RF (over 30Vm)
  • Rated supply voltage 12V
  • Maximum absorption 18mA
  • Coverage: 12 meters
  • Lens beams 23 (on 3 horizontal levels)
  • Angle of coverage front (PIR) H: 120 °; V: 60 °
  • Microwave frontal coverage angle H: 80°; V: 32°.
  • Signaling LED
  • Solid state relay output NC 100mA, 50VDC max
  • Initial stabilization time 30"
  • Security grade: 1
  • Environmental class: 2
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) 59x99x60mm
  • Complies with CEI EN 50131-1 standards

OPERATION: The DG12 works in "dual technology", which means that only if both technologies (Infrared and Microwave) reveal a real intrusion is given the alarm. This allows you to avoid false alarms due to the activation of the infrared sensor only (sometimes caused eg. by sunlight) or the microwave sensor only (sometimes caused eg. by moving objects).

ANTIMASCHERAMENTO: The DG12 in case of prolonged alarm of one of the two technologies, and in the absence of detection of the other, activates a continuous alarm status, indicated by the red LED flashing and the zone contact open, a state that remains until both technologies do not resume proper operation. In this way, if you mask, for example, the infrared sensor thermally isolating, but continues to repeatedly alarm the microwave sensor, the detector is placed in a state of continuous alarm that triggers the alarm control panel.

ANTIMANOMISSION: If the DG12 detects a presence very close to the detector (about 40cm) is placed in a state of continuous alarm, indicated by flashing red LED and the opening of the zone contact. Even in this case, if after a few seconds, both technologies resume to detect presence at greater distance, and then are normally operating, the detector resumes its normal operation.


  • Remove the electronic circuit from the container, levering it sideways with a tool and hook the joint to the base of the container after passing it through the fixing ring.
  • Use the extension for the joint in case of ceiling mounting.
  • Cover the unused hole on the base of the with the supplied mat.
  • Fix the base of the joint on a smooth and flat surface not subject to vibrations, covering the hole for the passage of electrical cables for connection to the central unit, using the plugs provided.
  • Pass the electrical cables through the hole of the joint and hook the fixing ring to the base.
  • Once installed and oriented in the desired position, it will be possible to lock the detector by fully rotating the locking ring.
  • Reposition the circuit on the base of the container and make the electrical connections.
  • It is possible to mount the detector at an angle (in this case do not use the joint, but drill two holes on the container for fixing on the sides.
  • Do not direct the detector towards objects that could produce rapid temperature changes such as radiators, electric radiators, air conditioners, open flames, etc..
  • Also avoid installation near them.
  • Do not partially or completely obscure the detector's field of view.


  • 1 piece card PX100 for proximity keys
  • 1 piece receiver module PXN200
  • 3 proximity keys "Key"

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