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Windscreen-Wiper Drive

Windscreen-Wiper Drive

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In this category you will find wiper blades of top brands Bosch, Champion, built with the rubber of the latest generation for the best grip on the windshield and easy to replace.

In addition, you will find all the measures, to adapt them to your car of the most famous brands (Ford, Bmw, Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Opel, Citroen, Nissan, Peugeot, Kia, Mini, Renault, etc..)

When the brushes of the wiper will leave water stains, do not cover the entire surface during the cleaning of the windshield, you must replace. Despite their diffusion in the different specialized shops, their price is quite high. In the shop online, in addition to an affordable price of spare parts of high quality, you will also find a large assortment at wholesale prices with delivery within 24/48 hours from the order date.

Attention: If there are signs of malfunction it is necessary to explain to the wiper arm and very carefully examine the surface of the brush. It must be flat, smooth, free of mechanical defects or signs of deformation.

The duration of exercise, average of a brush of the wiper is approximately 4-6 months. After this period, the component begins to lose its own characteristics.

In order to replace the wiper blade damaged you must, first, remove it from the arm by pressing on the clamp fastener arranged in its upper part. A procedure generates requires no more than 5 minutes even in case you are a novice.