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Terminals and Segnamorsetti

Terminals and Segnamorsetti

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The range of modular terminals Phoenix CLIPLINE complete is unique: it offers the free choice of connection technology.

Regardless of the chosen connection (screw, spring, Push-in, fast or bolt), all the solutions Phoenix can be freely combined with the same accessories through the double-compartment functional.

The advantages of the clamps Phoenix:

  • Complete flexibility: terminal blocks with different connection technologies can be freely combined
  • The possibility of ponticellamento and verification thanks to the double-compartment functional
  • Cost savings thanks to accessories ponticellamento, marking, and verification of standardized

Take advantage of the benefits of technology of connection Push-in: forces in the graft reduced to 50 % and wiring without the use of tools.

With the technology of connection Push-in connected in a simple manner the conductors from 0.25 mm2: in a direct way and without the use of tools. The special contact spring facilitates insertion and provides a high quality connection.

The advantages of the Phoenix screwtype connection Push-in:

  • Time savings thanks to the connection of solid conductors pretreated with technology plug-in directly without the use of tools
  • Practical insertion with the forces of the graft below the 50 percent
  • Wiring and safe use thanks to the operating buttons recessed color
  • Link of all types of conductor thanks to the practical front-mounted connection
  • Simple loosening of the conductor without special tools
  • Reduction of logistics costs thanks to the wide range of accessories universal series CLIPLINE complete

The power terminals Phoenix with the connection system Power-Turn offer the fastest connection and simple currently available for the wiring conductors which are of large size. Connect conductors up to 150 mm2 with the simple drive of the control lever.

Alternatively, you can directly insert the conductors, also the lever closed, using the technology of connection Push-in integrated in the fast and easy way.

With the terminals Phoenix modular PT with connection technology Push-in you will have at your disposal the clamp suitable for any application, from 1.5 mm2 up to 150 mm2.
The connection is simple: plug the solid conductors, or fitted with terminal lugs are mounted, starting from 0.25 mm2, directly in the compartment of the conductors. The contact spring opens automatically and provides the necessary contact pressure against the bar, host of the current.
The modular terminals can exploit the advantages of the range of CLIPLINE complete. Among these, there are the free combination of all connection technologies and accessories standardized.