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Those who do not know this company today? Now the Samsung is a company that for years has entered in our homes or in our offices, with at least one of his products,a company present on the market with many products including air conditioners. Offers a wide selection of air conditioners, of course, also a heat pump so you can have a unique solution both for winter and for summer. The Split interior features a refined design so to make them perfect for modern environments and elegant and give a touch of style to your home or office. Also, the Samsung offers its customers models that are equipped with wifi so you can connect to the network on the air conditioner , and control it from a distance. We recommend when you decide to buy an air-conditioner to rely increasingly on the new technology, inverter A+++ and A++, in fact, the air conditioners inverter, Samsung does not only offer energy savings compared to the traditional, but they also got one of the best scores of efficiency. Taking advantage of the full capacity of the compressor, to reach the desired temperature more quickly than the models without the inverter. The models can be monosplit and multisplit and all are equipped with filters antibacterial that allow you to capture tiny dust particles and viruses are not detectable at the sight. Function night,dehumidifier,timer and automatic cleaning are some of the many features, and thanks to the dehumidifier function of the environment will not be more muggy and humid,in fact, this function is perfect for removing the excess moisture that is present in the environment. External engines (motocondensati) designed and constructed to last for a long time even if exposed to atmospheric agents,are very quiet and can be installed easily in apartment buildings without, however, disturbing the neighbor. The powers that are needed are, usually, 9000 btu for small rooms, 12000 btu used in a normal kitchen of about 35 sqm, 18000 btu in the dining halls and offices, medium to large and 24000 btu for shops,pizzerias, etc, As always we want to point out that to calculate what power you need to install into the environment must be taken into account not only in square meters but also all the sources of heat that may affect the proper operation of the air conditioner. Choose a specialized technician and not improvised as the perfect functioning depends very much on its installation. If you don't know what to install, and you want our advice, you can contact us indicating the square metres of the environment in which you want to install the air conditioning and all the heat sources,as exposure to the sun,computers,ovens and even people who usually are within this environment. Take advantage of our prices and if you are looking for something that is not present in our catalogue,please contact us, we can order it.