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Liquids and Cleaning Cars and Bikes

Liquids and Cleaning Cars and Bikes

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In this category you will find many products for maintenance and cleaning of your car such as Liquid radiators, antifreeze for windscreen washers windscreen, oil brakes, and finally the additive treatment of Gasoline or diesel fuel, of the best brands (Tamoil, Lubex, etc..)

The cooling liquid is located, opening the hood, in a plastic container that leaves a glimpse of the level: if there is too should be emptied in excess of. The greatest dangers, however, are present when the level is lower than the minimum: there is the risk of overheating

To remain without the liquid wipers, means putting at risk the safety of drivers and passengers. A dirty windscreens means poor visibility and it is for this reason that it is recommended to keep in the car a bottle of water to fill the pot. A simple, do-it-yourself. Do not forget to add the detergent additives and anti-freeze to a perfect cleanliness, and to avoid that the ducts are incrostino.