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Home automation Lighting Philips wireless hue

Home automation Lighting Philips wireless hue

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Welcome to the world of home automation Philips wireless hue where you will be able to control the lights in a few seconds with the app, and switches with independent power supply can be placed in any place of your house, and change the infinite shades of colours of the light bulbs from Philips.

With the device Bridge Hue you can carry out all the activities the smart. Is the "bridge" between your bulbs and the app on your smartphone and can connect up to 50 bulbs for a time. Once you install the bulbs, download the app on your smartphone or tablet. The first time you open the app, search for your bridge and connect to the lights. This is done, you can use the app to control your lamps without wires.

Choose the setting for "Concentration" and all the LED bulbs you select will change to a tone and brightness that'll help keep you alert and focused. Is a setting that we have tested in schools. Has significantly contributed to increase the level of concentration of the pupils.

Choose the setting "Energy" and all your selected light bulbs will flood a and vibrant light that will give you the right boost of energy. Perfect for the moments when you have low batteries.

The timer function lets you gradually adjust the lights in time. Use it to turn Hue into your morning wake up call, wake-up call from the sleep so much more pleasant than with an alarm. You can use the timer to turn off gradually the lights, to help you slip into sleep in a natural way. Or, you can simply set the switching on of the lights at a certain time, for example when you're coming home, that the lights are turned on when you arrive.

Choose the setting "Reading" and all your selected light bulbs will go to the white point, which is optimal for reading, at the right intensity. With the press of a button, the reading becomes a pleasure.

Choose the setting "Relaxation" and all your selected light bulbs will spread a soft light and relaxing. The perfect antidote to a hectic life, and the perfect excuse to do absolutely nothing.

The beauty of being able to access your lights through a Web browser is that you can't be at home to control the lighting. And that means Hue can become your guard dog, your lighting system. You may be stuck in the office, but want to pretend to be at home. You can turn the lights on from the menu screen. Or you might be on vacation. If you can connect to the network, you can make it look like you never party.

Choose a photo from your smart device or take a photo and use it. On the screen will appear the indicators that represent each of your light bulbs without wires. Drag and drop the indicator on a color in the photo and the light bulb Hue will assume immediately that color. You can also save your favorite scenes on any smart device-enabled Hue. In this way you will be able to access it again simply with the touch of a finger. Also you can share your scenarios with the community of Hue, or save scenarios created by other users of Hue.

The technology inside each LED bulb Hue wireless is special. It can display different tones of white light, from warm white light with shades of yellow to white with vibrant shades of blue. Also, it can recreate any color in the spectrum. The bulbs Hue you update directly in your home. You just have to choose your attack or your lamps you prefer, and insert the bulbs without wires. Then turn on the lights and it's done. It is very easy.