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Forms Ave Tekla Series 44

Forms Ave Tekla Series 44

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In this Category you will find modules Ave Tekla series 44.

Design for Ave means quality of design, technological innovation, competence, professionalism and creative knowledge.

Strength of the whole production Ave and symbol of the “made in Italy” quality and prestige, the design represents the added value on which the company has built its business philosophy, based on constant planning and offer solutions that are highly technological and reliable but also refined, elegant appearance, innovative and unique, easily insertable in any environment and suitable for an increasingly demanding market in constant evolution.

In all the products belonging to the four Strategic Divisions ( Civil Series), home automation and Hotel Management, Security Division,Boxes, Containers and control panels, modular appliance ), the great attention to design is expressed through the creation of innovative technical details, treated in terms of aesthetics and functionality in order to satisfy the demands of installers related to practicality, reliability, robustness, and speed of installation.