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In this category you'll find a wide selection of air conditioners of the well-known company of the industry Daikin, a company that for years produces only products of absolute quality and that it features different primates such as, for example, in 1950, was the first company to realize the heat pump air conditioning, or in 1960, the first system multisplit residential. The Daikin in addition to the quality of the internal components that may have an air-conditioner is also very careful with the design of the split ,in fact if the internal drive, they tried to hide it, now with the new design of Daikin you can place them within your environment, as you do with a framework,so as to make it an integral part of the environment. Everything connected! It is possible to connect to the network wifi also air conditioning so you can control it is from the other side of the world. Regarding external engines , they, too, are being cared for in the design but mainly the company has focused on resistance to weathering is the noise, in fact the motors are really quiet to the point that if you want to understand if the engine is on or off, you only have to do it by giving a look at the cooling fan if it runs or not. The air conditioners usually can be monosplit and multisplit and depending on the size of the environment you go to calculate what power you need. The monospilt is composed from one indoor unit and one outdoor unit and are typically mounted to the shoulder shoulder,while the air-conditioners and multi-split units are composed by a single outboard motor and more split internal. The size you use are the 9000 btu for bedrooms and kid's bedrooms or small offices, 12000 btu for kitchens or offices of a medium size and 18000 btu for living rooms and offices large enough, in every case should be assessed not only the cubic feet, but also exposure to the sun, and many other factors that can affect the performance of the air conditioner. We always recommend that you purchase an inverter A++ and A+ and what is more important is to rely on always to be a technician,because a perfect operation of the air conditioning depends a lot on its installation. If you have any questions or you don't know what to choose, you can contact us, indicating to us the size of the environment,how many hours the room is exposed to the sun,if an office, how many pc's are inside etc., and everything that can generate heat within the environment where you will install the air conditioner,even the people. Take advantage of our prices and if you are looking for something that is not present in our catalogue,please contact us, we can order it.