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Contactors, Telemecanique

Contactors, Telemecanique

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In this category you will find Contactors from 9 to 150 a in AC3 400/415 V Series Telemecanique TeSys D. This range, in addition to the renewed design, it offers high-performance technical electric and mechanical reliability and practicality do the wiring. In gauge from 40, 50 and 65A of the connection system patented EVERLINK allows, in addition to the direct connection between contactor, motor protection switch and thermal relay, the maintenance of pressure on the conductors even in the presence of deformation of the conductors themselves. From 9 to 65 a contactors can communicate in the network thanks to specific accessories (Quick fit ).

Available in:

  • 13 sizes from 9 to 150 a in AC3
  • Coils in ac , c.c. and b.a. up to 38A
  • Screw, spring, push-on terminals and Everlink to the gauge 40,50 and 65 To
  • 2 auxiliary contacts series
  • Contacts are linked mechanically
  • Contacts striated self-cleaning
  • Wide range of accessories aux contacts, kit teleinversione, kit, star delta, filters, brackets, etc.)
  • Three-pole or four-pole

Applied for:

  • Industry , Infrastructure, Buildings
  • perfect integration in control systems
  • ideal for the start-up of motors in any type of application