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Connectors Schneider

Connectors Schneider

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In this category you will find Accessories wiring machines Schneider Telemecanique including cables, connectors and splitters connection. This range is designed to simplify the wiring and to facilitate the choice for a quick and safe reference numbers.

Is the wiring system that is most appropriate for you:

  • Connectors pre-wired: to connect in a quick and simple way the sensor to terminals or directly to the inputs of a PLC
  • Connectors: to connect a cable of the desired length to the sensor
  • Cables connettorati to connect the sensor to a junction box
  • Adapters to transform the sensor with terminals into a connector
  • Connectors are normally available in M8, M12, ½", 7/8"

Characteristics of the main cable:

  • PUR and PVC
  • Seal good:
  • Industrial environments (cutting oil, mecc)
    Torsion (bending radius up to 15 times the diameter)
    Extreme temperatures (-35 to +90°C)
    Rated voltage 320V, rated insulation voltage 2.5 kV