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Conduits for Lighting Schneider

Conduits for Lighting Schneider

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In this category you will find a complete range of busbar trunking prefabricated lighting systems or small deployment in environments in the industrial/service sector of the Range Schneider Telemecanique Canalis KBA stands out for the quality of the materials and of the technical solutions that, combined, allow you to make systems more safe, reliable and long-lasting.

Some technical characteristics of Canalis KBA:

  • Led bars certified according to IEC EN 61439-6
  • Rated normal current utilization: 25 A and 40 A
  • Rated current pins: 10 A and 16 A (you use the same plugs KDP and KBB)
  • Degree of protection: IP55, IPXXD, and resistant to jet sprinkler
  • Number of circuits: 1 circuit (2 or 4 wire)
  • Elements are available with conductors additional to transport signals, and is also compatible with the protocol DALI and Dart
  • Length of elements: 3 m or 2 m
  • The distance in between the intakes: 1 m or 0.5 m
  • Clamping recommended: 1 bracket per 3 m (for centre distances of fixing higher - up to 5 m - choose the led KBB single circuit)
  • Surface finishing elements: painted white RAL9003
  • The product is halogen-free (Halogen Free) and without silicone (Silicon Free)
  • The product is resistant to the spray sprinkler (Sprinkler Tested)

With Canalis KBA is also available as a series of ceiling lights industrial KBL already pre-wired and pre-assembled in the factory to speed up installation on site.

  • Speed and ease of installation: just insert one element into another and tighten a screw
  • High technical characteristics for a led lighting
  • No accessories required to achieve the IP55
  • Halogen free: KBA it doesn't give off fumes or toxic gases in case of fire
  • Clamping systems with simple and innovative for large distances
  • Possibility of KBA with the circuit bus add-in for transmission signals of small power, compatible with the protocol DALI and Dart
  • Removable, reusable, and fully recyclable

Product used for:

  • Industrial buildings, garages, workshops, buildings for agricultural use, logistic centers, greenhouses...
  • Shopping malls, hypermarkets, large stores...
  • Buildings of the tertiary sector, showrooms, conference centers, hospitals...