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All systems Clivet is based on six principles distinguishing that make the proposed products and systems Clivet unique and unrepeatable.
These principles are the basis for the realization of expert systems for application, always part of the DNA of Clivet.
They are the foundation on which Clivet has built his new way of looking at the plants, becoming the reference for the plant design for a sustainable future. The heat pump is the technology of the future as more efficient than traditional systems combustion:
• 50% reduction of Primary Energy, CO2 Emissions and operating Costs
• Extensive use of Renewable Energy.

The multifunction systems, Clivet optimize the solution according to the requirements of different applications, and integrating them into specialized products and complete systems dedicated:

• Heating
• Cooling
• Domestic hot water
• The renewal and purification of air
• Dehumidifies

Within this category you will find air conditioners SPLIT Clivet which are the solution of the direct expansion for the air conditioning system at annual cycle of residential buildings, small commercial activities. Both source side, that side use, based on the exchange of heat directly between refrigerant and the environment. The terminals of the system, i.e. the internal units, are a part of the refrigeration circuit- the evaporator, in summer operation, the condenser in the winter mode. The carrier fluid is the refrigerant itself. The renewal of the air can be entrusted to aunit of fresh air with thermodynamic recovery and filtration electronic. Class from A+ To a+++ for the internal drive thanks to the inverter technology and electronic controls that allow you to provide only the power actually required, reducing the consumption of energy. The reduced index GWP refrigerant R-32, used in systems MONO and MULTI SPLIT, ensures CO2 emissions significantly lower than those of the other HFC refrigerants. Intelligent sensors guarantee ideal comfort in function of the presence and activities of people in environments. Adjustments evolved as the Rapid Cooling/Heating to quickly reach the comfort required. The Smart Kit and the App - available for iOS and Android - allows you to check the operation of the air conditioners in every situation. The App provides more functionality and makes the systems even easier to use. System with powers from 2.5 to 7 kW for apartments of small floor area, low thermal demand. Each outdoor unit can be connected to a single indoor unit. The indoor units on the wall are available from the class A+ class A+++. All the series use the ecological refrigerant R-32.