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Car Batteries and Chargers

Car Batteries and Chargers

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In this category you will find many models of Battery for Cars and heavy vehicles, with different amperage and inrush, of the best brands (Bosch, Lubex, MV+) of maximum duration, for a car of the latest generation with Start and Stop.

If you're looking for a new battery for the car, entrusted to the experience of and buy a quality product and warranty.

Inside our catalog, you will find only batteries of recent manufacture: we are always on the quality of its products.

You can easily choose innovative batteries, and with stable performance over time. The brands that we produce batteries of every type, from the 12V battery up to the latest-generation Start&Stop.

For a good maintenance of your car, buy a battery that is able to guarantee the start-up even in case of extreme climatic conditions such as those dictated by the winter season. If you don't know the exact model of your car, consult the booklet of circulation and makes the search for your new battery by using the filter below!