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Market leading company in the electronics industry, Phoenix offers itself as a company that is responsible and innovative, which gives form to the future.

Every day the products that Phoenix show their value mainly in the following sectors:

Electrical panel
From the terminal to the controller, you will find a complete range of components and systems.

Installation on the field
Industrial connectors and wiring systems I/O innovative provide a data transmission and energy efficient.

Connection techniques and devices
Whether it is connection to printed circuit boards or housings for electronics, you will find your custom solution.

Systems and solutions
Our products follow a systematic approach and offer a variety of combinations. So you can compose a custom package for the solution of your special function.

In this category you will find power Supplies, Surge protectors, Terminals and Segnamorsetti, Materials and accessories for Electrical Panels, Labeling of Cables and Pipes, Printing Systems and labeling equipment.