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Air conditioning systems

Air conditioning systems

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Every home and business environment today needs to be warmed up and also cooled down in the summer months, the best solution is a household appliance that is, the air conditioning , or also called air conditioner. Today, compared to a few years ago, choose an air-conditioner has become really difficult, in fact, if you are going to buy an air conditioner, and do a search on the internet opens up a world of thousands of products that may not even know the existence. We Elettronew instead, we give our customers the possibility to a selection of air conditioners according to our market research are the best products that have a high ratio of price and quality and thanks to our buying power and our experience, we can guarantee you affordable prices. All the air conditioners are composed of an internal unit and external unit, only in some cases, there are models that only have the internal drive, but obviously this goes at the expense of the size as the inside of the split will also be present on the engine outside and through two holes in the wall mean that the engine has the air necessary for work. Usually the external ones called technically condensing are almost all the same and depending on the size can be wall mounted using the brackets, or if very heavy, of course, are from the place to the ground. The internal drive instead, there are different models,wall called spilt,is embedded in the controsoffitta, wall type, such as a heater (fan coil), and, recently, with the dimensions always more reduced some of the manufacturers like the Lg , they're proposing the split interior masked by the paintings and also the possibility of inserting your own photos. For those who have limited outdoor space, there is also the possibility of relying on the so-called multi-split units where you can install up to four air conditioning units internal and one external motor. When we talk about home appliances of course one must never neglect the energy consumption because it will be the gasoline that will power everything and if you make a wrong purchase can be really too expensive for our bill, in fact, in our opinion, to purchase a cheap product , but that it then consumes as much is definitely a bad purchase! With time on the bills you are going to pay for what you've saved, and most will pass the time is the most it'll cost you. Instead of air-conditioning with low energy consumption will cost you on the initial expenditure you something more but you will benefit from over time with low power consumption and, consequently, a bill lighter. Elettronew we would also like to point out that the air conditioners must be chosen according to the size of the environment and many other factors,e.g. exposure to the sun,sources of heat such as ovens, etc.. and very important thing you need to look for a technical preparation which has a good preparation in this field because a perfect operation of the air conditioning depends a lot on how it was installed. If you need advice on which air conditioner to purchase, you can ask to our technical support staff, which, based on the details you specify, we can find the best solution for you.