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Panasonic Etherea 3.5KW 12000BTU A+++/A+++ R32 WIFI Integrated Air Conditioner

KIT CS-Z35XKEW 5025232941216

Single-split inverter air conditioner Panasonic Etherea 3.5KW 12000BTU Energy Class A+++/A+++, with new Gas R32 included, integrated WIFI and nanoe™ X technology,

the price includes:

  • 1 Outdoor Machine (CU-Z35XKE)
  • 1 Indoor Machine (CS-Z35XKEW)
  • 1 Remote control.
  • For a room of approximately 35m²
    The air conditioner will be delivered pre-charged with gas R32
    The air conditioner is also an heat pump, therefore also suitable for heating environments in winter. The warranty is valid only if the air conditioner is installed by a qualified technician.
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    • Technology nanoe™ X technology: Abundant in nature, hydroxyl radicals (also known as OH- radicals) inhibit pollutants, viruses and bacteria to purify and deodorize the environment. The nanoe™ X technology can bring these incredible benefits to the spaces we live in, such as our homes, workplaces, hotels, stores, and restaurants, thereby improving the environment by making it cleaner and more pleasant.
      Hydroxyl radicals are unstable molecules that react with other elements such as hydrogen, capturing them. Thanks to this reaction, hydroxyl radicals inhibit the development of various pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, moulds and odours, neutralising their unpleasant effects. This natural process has important advantages as it contributes to improving the quality of indoor environments. Panasonic's nanoe™ X technology goes a step further and brings these natural substances, hydroxyl radicals, into the interior of rooms to ensure greater comfort and well-being. By generating hydroxyl radicals in water, nanoe™ X technology significantly increases their effectiveness and durability from less than one second in nature to more than 600 seconds (10 minutes), so nanoe™ X can reach greater distances.
      Hydroxyl radicals inhibit pollutants, viruses and bacteria and deodorize the environment. Even tightly woven fabrics can be treated with nanoe™ X technology, as well as curtains, blinds, carpets and furniture, including the most difficult surfaces and, of course, the air we breathe.
    • Connectivity: Integrated WIFI, with advanced control on Smartphone, compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The new Etherea line is ready to connect to your smartphone with the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App. Control, monitor, plan with an easy-to-use interface. Manage your air conditioner remotely, whenever and wherever you want. One user can manage up to 200 units and can select other users for use. You can monitor the energy consumption of each unit, checking how you can reduce operating costs.


    • Simple yet elegant design To match European standards, the style is simple and clean with a sleek matte white or silver finish
    • Benefit from the innovative design of the sleek new Sky backlit controller remote control. Larger screen and easier to use.
    • Environmentally friendly R32 gas
    • R2 Rotary Compressor
    • Aerowings to control the direction of airflow
    • Mild Dry Cooling Function
    • Mild Dry Cooling function
    • Wired control (optional)

    Remote control included:

    Enjoy an innovative, at-your-fingertips design with the sleek new backlit Sky remote control. With quick access to key operations and a sliding cover offering more options, controlling settings has become simple and intuitive.

    With a width of 58.9 mm and a length of 164.7 mm the Sky remote control fits comfortably in your hand. Backlit LED screen The Sky remote control displays its settings in a better light thanks to the new backlit screen. Now you can program your settings without having to turn on the lights.

    Original sliding cover A smooth sliding cover not only enhances the clean lines of the remote control, but keeps the buttons free from dirt and stains. Timely temperature control The Sky remote control allows you to set the temperature in 0.5°C variations. Enjoy more precise temperature control and enjoy exclusive comfort.

    Technical characteristics


    • Min/Max Capacity: KW 3,5 (0,85-4,20)
    • Absorbed power: Nominal (Min-Max) kW 0.85 (0.20-1.16)
    • SEER 9,50
    • Energy Class: A+++
    • EER 4.12 (4.25-3.62)
    • Indicative annual energy consumption kW/a 129


    • Nominal Capacity (Min-Max): KW 4,00 (0,80-5,50)
    • Nominal input power (Min-Max) 0.90 (0.18-1.46)
    • SCOP: 5,20
    • Seasonal energy efficiency class A++
    • COP 4.44 (4.44-3.77)
    • Indicative annual energy consumption: kWh/a 754

    Indoor Unit Features

    • Dimensions: (HxWxD) 295x870x229 mm
    • Weight 11 Kg
    • Treated air Min. Cooling / Heating cubic meters / min 12.7/14.7
    • Dehumidification capacity l/hr 2
    • Sound pressure level (Cooling/Heating) dBa 42/28/19 - 43/33/19
    • Sound power level dBA Cooling/Heating N/A
    • Nanoe X Generator MARK 2

    External Unit Features:

    • Dimensions: (HxWxD) 542x780x289 mm
    • Weight: 30 Kg
    • Sound Pressure Level Cooling/Heating dBa 48/50
    • Sound Power Level dBA Cooling/Heating N/A
    • Power supply Single phase 220-240 / 50Hz
    • Liquid/Gas piping 6.35 (1/4") - 9.52 (3/8")
    • Max/Min pipe length 15/3 meters
    • Max height difference between indoor/outdoor unit 15 meters
    • Refrigerant Type: Gas R32
    • Length of piping without addition of GAS 7.5 metres
    • Operating range: Cooling (Min-Max) -10/+43 Degrees - Heating (Min-Max) -15/+24 Degrees
    • Refrigerant GAS R32/Co2 Kg/T 0,89/0,60

    Data sheet

    Air conditioners
    12000 BTU (3,5 Kw)
    Sqm Room

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