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Daikin Sensira Air Conditioner 12000btu 3.5KW R32 FTXC35B/RXC35B

DAK FTXC35B/RXC35B 4548848644544

Daikin Monosplit Inverter Sensira 12000btu 3.5KW air conditioner with R32 Gas included, Energy Class A++, price includes:

  • 1 Outdoor Machine (RXC35B)
  • 1 Indoor Machine (FTXC35B)
  • 1 Remote control

Possibility to control with Smartphone via Wi-Fi (optional to add article BRP069B45).

  • For a room of approximately 35m²
    The air conditioner will be delivered pre-charged with gas R32
    The air conditioner is also an heat pump, therefore also suitable for heating environments in winter. The warranty is valid only if the air conditioner is installed by a qualified technician.
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    Sensira FTXC-B is one of the latest wall-mounted air conditioner models created by DAIKIN, it is in the upper EcoPlus entry level of the brand and has an excellent ratio between performance, functions and price range. It has a modern and up-to-date design that echoes the classic lines of DAIKIN air conditioners, great technical quality, many useful and intelligent additional functions and is equipped with the new R32 Gas.

    The aesthetics of the new DAIKIN Sensira air conditioner has a classic and modern design at the same time because it is the result of a mix of straight and semi-curved lines which, enhanced by the color white, create a pleasant effect that can adapt to all environments; Indoor Units can be installed in homes, businesses, offices, hotels and wherever there is a need.

    The small size facilitates installation.

    The DAIKIN FTXC-B Sensira air conditioner distributes the air evenly and constantly thanks to the automatic vertical oscillation of the air flow deflector and the automatic or manual adjustment of the speed in 5 steps.

    Advantages and Functions:

    • The flat and elegant front panel blends easily with any type of furniture and is easier to clean
    • The choice of an R-32 product reduces the environmental impact by 68% compared to R-410A systems and directly reduces energy consumption thanks to high energy efficiency.
    • Daikin outdoor units are well-maintained and robust and can be easily installed on a roof or terrace, or simply against an outside wall
    • Daikin outdoor units are equipped with a heat exchanger with anti-corrosion treatment (blue fin) that ensures a great resistance to the harshest climatic conditions
    • Online Controller to be added article BRP069B45 (optional): possibility to control the indoor unit from any location via app, local network or internet
    • Outdoor units for monosplit applications
    • Seasonal efficiency values up to class A++ in cooling mode
    • Energy saving standby mode: Energy consumption is reduced by approx. 80% in standby mode
    • The inverter-driven compressors adjust the compressor speed to the actual demand. This reduces energy consumption (up to 30%) while maintaining stable temperatures.
    • Powerful mode: Allows rapid cooling or heating of the environment; once the "Powerful" mode is deactivated, the unit returns to the preset mode
    • The unit can also be used in ventilation mode only, without cooling or heating
    • Automatically selects cooling or heating mode to maintain the set temperature
    • Comfortable sleep mode: This innovative mode increases comfort by managing temperature fluctuations during the night
    • Automaticfan speed control: Automatically selects the fan speed to reach or maintain the set temperature
    • Dehumidification program: Reduces the humidity in the air preventing excessive cooling
    • Air filter: Eliminates airborne dust particles, improving air quality
    • Self-diagnostics: Simplifies maintenance by indicating system malfunctions or operating anomalies
    • Automatic vertical oscillation: Possibility of selecting the automatic vertical movement of the supply air deflectors, to make the air flow and temperature distribution uniform throughout the room
    • Fan speed steps (5 steps): Allows to select different fan speed values (2 steps)
    • Titanium apatite deodorising filter: Breaks down unpleasant odours such as tobacco and animal odours.

    Technical features


    • Min/Max Capacity: KW 1.3/4.00
    • Absorbed power: Nominal kW 1.05 (0.32-1.74)
    • SEER 6,87
    • Energy Class: A++
    • EER 3,35
    • Indicative annual energy consumption kW/a 175


    • Min/Max Capacity: KW 1.3/4.8
    • Nominal input power 1.07 (0.28-1.57)
    • SCOP: 4.28
    • Seasonal energy efficiency class A+
    • COP 3.74
    • Indicative annual energy consumption: kWh/a 732

    Indoor Unit Features

    • Dimensions: (WxHxD) 288x785x250mm
    • Weight 9,50Kg
    • Treated air Max cubic meters/min 9,2
    • Dehumidification capacity l/hr 1
    • Minimum Sound Pressure Level (Cooling) (Silent/Low/High) dBa 21-26-39
    • Sound Power Level dBA 55

    External Unit Features

    • Dimensions: (WxHxD) 550x658x273mm
    • Weight 26Kg
    • Sound Pressure Level dBa 46
    • Sound Power Level dBA 60
    • Power supply Single-phase 220-240 / 50Hz
    • Liquid/Gas Piping Connection 6.4 (1/4") - 9.50 (3/8")
    • Piping length from eu/ui max 20 meters
    • Pipe length from ue/iu without additional charge up to 8.0 metres
    • Max height difference between indoor/outdoor unit 15 metres
    • Refrigerant Type: Gas R32
    • Refrigerant charge included 0,75 Kg
    • Additional Refrigerant Charge kg/m 0.017 (for piping length over 7.5 meters)
    • Operating range Cooling CBS-10-46
    • Operating range Heating CBU -15-18

    Data sheet

    Air conditioners
    12000 BTU (3,5 Kw)
    Sqm Room

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